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Our Lady Queen of Peace statue in the grounds of Her House of Prayer in Achill
Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr Gerard McGinnity

"I will be present in this house with many angels interceding for all My children

I will surround you with light and disperse darkness"
Our Lady Queen of Peace

To help us believe in Her messages, Heaven has richly upheld their truth by the many hundreds of testimonies of conversions, scientifically attested healings and the fulfilment of prophesy of world events including the Asian Tsunami, the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, the collapse of the Stock Market, and weather changes throughout the world. Here follows a brief overview of Her messages given through Christina Gallagher.

The message given on February 28, 1988 contains the essence of Our Lady's call to Christina:

“Tell all My children to come back to Me and My Son.“

“We are waiting and We love all Our Children. Repent. Go to Confession, unburden yourselves of all sin, and receive my Son’s Body and Blood worthily. Pray and make sacrifice. In return I will give you peace in your hearts. Some of My children feel they do not know the way back, I just say, take the first step back and I will help you.”

“I want peace. I love you all regardless of how far you have strayed. I love you all. If only you could know. My heart bleeds for you and My Son’s heart bleeds. I say to you again. I love all my children and bless them.”

“Convert I beg you, while there is still time. My children who have come back to Me and My Son have nothing to fear.”

I bless you, My children, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

The messages to Christina contain an urgent call to repentance and conversion “while there is still time”.

“Many souls are being lost”

..Please come back while there is still time... ...tell all humanity... ...the purification... is on the way. I love all My children... ...repent... ...unburden yourself of sin... ...go to confession... ...receive My Son’s Body and Blood worthily... ...pray the Rosary, fast and make sacrifice... Christian love towards all... ...even your persecutors”

In August of 1988, Our Lady actually said to Christina, "The calamity has started, the influence of the Prince of Darkness is all around you, arm yourselves with My Rosary".

On May 30, 1989, Our Lady expressed regret to Christina:
"When are my children going to understand how much prayer, fast and sacrifice is needed to overcome all the darkness that overshadows the world . . .?"

"How my Heart bleeds for my children, who are blind and deaf. So many try to find all sorts of excuses not to believe. . . ."

Our Blessed Lady spokke to Christina in September 1994 and made clear the incredible degree of importance attaching to this decisive struggle between 'light and darkness' ...and also the pivotal part played in this contest by Christina, Our Lady's House of Prayer and its helpers...

"My child, you know little of all that is going on in this battle of principalities. This war is greater than all the wars the world has been through. God permits the little ones to be crushed for the saving of souls. Many who are being purified through the cross return to God.
But many do not . . .
Pray more, for the evil one is angry in your response to fulfill the desires of God through me, the Woman clothed in the sun. . .
There are many souls of poor sinners being saved through the little ones. . .
My peace I give you and all my little ones who help you in this great work of God.
There are more souls being lost now than in the world's history in war.
The persecution of the Church is at hand. Those who follow Jesus Christ's vicar will be persecuted and despised. . .

Christina asked, 'Why does God permit this?' Our Lady continued,

"It must be. All will be fulfilled as prophesied. My Heart weeps blood. This deep sorrow of My Heart I offer to God for My lost children. I suffer much in union with the Heart of My dear Son Jesus. I am the Matrix, the Mediatrix of all graces."

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Christina has told us that Our Lady has “a plan for Ireland” and that it “can be saved if the Irish people respond to the messages and try to live them in their daily lives. But the plan will not come to pass if the messages are ignored and in that circumstance, Ireland will not escape the full impact of the worldwide purification.”

“God has given all free will to accept or reject the messages.”

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On Thursday, April 11, 1996, Jesus spoke in a strong vein. First He referred to the severe trials which Christina had been enduring during Lent and which had intensified significantly in Holy Week.

"My daughter,
You walk on the water to reach Me, then you experience being alone as if I am not with you. I have carried you in My Heart and you experience the rebuffs I am subjected to but I just permit you a little share. You endure for love of Me the rebuffs of the evil that is removing love... from the sacrament of holy wedlock. It is no longer considered a holy union... The world draws close to its own destruction.

So many deny Me - They refuse the truth. You disown My true messenger to follow the untrue. Then you find you are confused.

You remain blind and deaf when I called you forth to reject raising up the anti of Christ in Maastricht.

You followed that not of Me but anti of Christ. Do not make the mistake to remain deaf and blind to the need once more of My House called for through the Heart of My Mother or a greater calamity will befall Ireland than that of the already fallen."

Wake up before it is too late. Turn from the falsity of those who you know are sensual. I bless you with the graces and love in response to hear and see and recognize truth. My peace be with you.

• Convert. Repent and Go to Confession
• Pray from the heart and surrender ourselves and our lives to God
• Live true to the Gospel of Jesus, Our Risen Lord
• Keep the Ten Commandments of God
• Have the Cross depicted in your home and plead through the Merits of Jesus for souls
• Pray the Rosary daily, Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries and place the picture of Our Lady Queen of Peace with Roses in your homes for protection.
• Wear the Matrix Medal on your person
• Become active members of Our Lady’s Fraternity

Our Lady advises those who have found it “difficult to accept My messages and those of My Son; pray the Rosary from your heart, all three mysteries, for nine days. Offer up these prayers to My Son’s Heart and to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment. If you can do that you will understand."

All material on this website is ©Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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