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Young people from throughout Ireland gathered at the House of Prayer in Achill for the annual Youth Day on 1st October 2011, in response to the call of Our lady Queen of Peace. Our Blessed Mother has asked many times for all her children to consecrate themselves to Her and especially the young. Christina received a message in November 2006 through which Our Blessed Mother was inviting people of the world and especially the youth of the world to Her House to receive God's Gift of Solace. She says "How I desire the youth of the world to receive the graces that God so desires to give."

This year again it was indeed a wonderful sight to see the chapel filled with young smiling faces as they joined in praying the Rosary with Christina, listening to her words and the words of her spiritual director, Fr McGinnity, giving guidance in their Catholic faith and in the challenges they face in the world we live in today.

A number of the young people publicly shared their own testimony of how the House of Prayer had deeply affected their lives. Gerard Browne talked about being saved from a life of drugs and all that comes with it and the gift of conversion to the full practice of his Catholic faith. We hope to include his full testimony on this site shortly.

James Browne in his testimony of life described how he had overcome desires to commit suicide through Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer, giving thanks to Our Blessed Lady, Christina and Fr McGinnity. Through his testimony he reached out to any young people present who might find themselves in this dark place, sharing with all his own experience of the life saving help of Our Lady Queen of Peace and Her House of Prayer. His full testimony of life has been recorded on a CD as witness to the fruits of Our Lady's work through Christina Gallagher.

Another, Eoin O'Connor, spoke of how his parents devotion to Our Blessed Lady had played an important role in saving his life in the womb of his mother when doctors advised his parents to abort him. He continued to describe how by coming to the House of Prayer on regular pilgrimage throughout his life he had grown in his Catholic faith. "The most important and valuable grace I have received has been to learn to pray the Rosary slowly from the heart. This I feel has helped me receive innumerable graces. During the Novena in Honour of the Blessed Trinity, I find I receive more and more blessings each time I visit the House of Prayer. My faith in the Catholic Church is now so important to me. Through Fr McGinnity's weekly talks, I better understand my faith, especially concerning the Most Blessed Trinity, Christ's Passion, Our lady and the teachings of the Church."

Josie Butler and her sister Mary were also there to give witness. Josie's testimony described how her sister Mary had fallen into a coma was taken to Our Lady's Hospital, Cashel and she was told her sister might not survive. Her conditioned deteriorated further and she was taken to St Joseph's Clonmel. "The consultant and his team could get no response from her and were discussing sending her to the Regional Hospital in Cork. After they left the ward" she said, "I went in and I pinned a Matrix Medal on to her clothes. I then made the sign of the cross on her with Holy Water from the font at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer and also spinkled some on her face and neck. She immediately opened her eyes and spoke to me. She later told me that she felt as if she was very far away and was being washed in a lovely cool stream. She felt peace within her. The doctors were puzzled at her sudden recovery. Over the next couple of weeks they carried out various tests including two brain scans which thankfully all returned normal and she suffered no long-term ill effects. The doctors said she was lucky to be alive but Mary knows that it wasn't luck that brought her out of the coma but Our Lady Queen of Peace. Not a day goes by without her thanking Our Blessed Lady for the gift of life which was given back to her."

If we let the words of Our Lord from St Matthew's gospel “A good tree cannot produce bad fruits, nor a worthless tree produce good fruits.” be our guide when discerning the truth of the Messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace through Christina Gallagher, we are met with
good fruit in abundance.

Already a selection of the 700 recorded healings have been compiled in a book by the people themselves entitled, “Our Lady Touches Ireland & the World”. This was published way back in 2009. There can be found as many witnesses, who have put their names and faces to their testimony, as anyone will need. They all give witness to the life of Jesus in their own lives through being in the Fraternity of Our Lady Queen of Peace.

There too you will find the essence of the Messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace. A call of love and a call to conversion; A call to live the Commandments, to “Please come back to Me and My Son”; to “Repent, go to Confession, unburden yourselves of all sin and receive My Son’s Body and Blood worthily”; A call to “Arm yourselves with My Rosary and “When you pray, know what you say and to whom you say it.”; A call to pray for priests, religious, bishops, the hierarchy and the Pope, and to respect them and refrain from criticising and denegrating them.

The fulfilment of prophecy further upholds the Truth of the Messages from Our Lady Queen of Peace through Christina Gallagher. Prophecy fulfilled is also outlined below but to name a few here; Earthquake in Iran; War in Rwanda; War in Chechnya; Attack on the Twin Towers, New York; Tsunami in the Indian Ocean; Weather changes throughout the world; Collapse of the Stock Market; One World Currency, One World Bank, One World Government, One World Religion”


All material on this website is ©Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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