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Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr Gerard McGinnity

In Response to Peoples Queries

Many people in the US and in Ireland have queried concerning what they were told regarding the background to the sacraments being removed in 1998 from the House of Prayer.

christina gallagher archbishop neary, house of prayer achill Archbishop Neary pictured with Christina Gallagher in the House of Prayer in Achill ©Copyright.

Archbishop Neary did ask Christina to integrate the work of the House of Prayer using the words, to 'bring it under the umbrella of the archdiocese'. Christina's only desire was what Our Lady requested namely, that priests and people be able to unite in prayer in the House. That, however, was not how it was going to be under the archbishop's proposal. His suggestion was that the House of Prayer be closed to the public; that the people would not be able to go there and pray- they would be able to go only to the local church; there would be a named private few permitted in the House of Prayer and Mass permitted on occasion there for them only.

Archbishop Joseph Cassidy (RIP) had opened the House as Our Lady requested. It was he himself who put in place the daily sacraments within it. Christina was unable to undo the request of Our Lady which Archbishop Cassidy had honoured and blessed in this way. She closed the House at that time, when those original facilities were being stripped away. This she did, not out of disobedience but not knowing what to do. Then the people who had put the House in place challenged her and said that they had given to acquire the House in response to Our Blessed Mother and Christina did not have a right to close it against their wishes.

Over 700 reported healings exist, five of which have been professionally investigated by medical consultants. The medically approved healings (declared by consultants to be medically, scientifically and psychologically inexplicable and far exceeding the proof rountinely accepted by the Church) which were brought to Christina's notice were handed to archbishop Neary and she was told he had read them and handed them back but never acknowledged the fact that the supernatural was at work, having previously stated in so many words that the supernatural was not at work ("no evidence presented which might prove...supernatural phenomena...").

In September 2000, his office told THE IRISH FAMILY NEWSPAPER, "The archdiocese has not carried out any investigations with regard to any claims on the part of people that they have been healed of life threatening illnesses as a result of contact with Mrs.Gallagher and her work. No plans exist at present to conduct such investigations." How, then, can the archbishop allow a statement to stand asserting that the supernatural is not at work? Surely the healings should be checked out before permitting such a statement to remain promulgated.

As Christina always states, she has no healing powers. She can only pray and plead with God and Our Lady and then accept all results in the holy Will of God. She never knows who is going to be healed until people come and acknowledge it.


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In a 'questions and answers' session for the youth when a gathering of Ireland's youth filled the chapel of Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer on October 6th 2007, Christina was asked, 'Why the Catholic Church?'

In her reply Christina said,
'People are aware today, through increased publicity, of all the different religions clamouring and competing for attention. This is very confusing, especially to young people'.

Christina went on to explain,
'There is only one true God who has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. Those who have been brought up without a true knowledge of Jesus through no fault of their own will be received by God if they live a good life.

For any religion to be of benefit to a person's soul it must uphold the Laws of God.

For anyone who is unable to read the Scriptures fully',
Christina added, 'I would advise that he or she read and live the Ten Commandments. In doing this you are upholding the Laws of God.'

Christina said that in replying to this question, she would refer only to the Catholic Church.
'It is,' she said,'because Jesus sent the apostles out to the ends of the earth to preach His Word of Truth. He gave them that commission, and all of us have to carry it on in the situation of our own lives. Secondly, when Jesus set up His Church He gave His authority to Peter in the words "I give to you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be considered bound in Heaven, whatever you loose on earth shall be considered loosed in Heaven." So He gave His own Authority to the Church to forgive sins in His Name until the end of time and that He would uphold the Church's teaching in Heaven. Jesus is clearly stating the gift of His Authority not only to Peter, the first Pope, but in building His Church on "the Rock of Peter", He is giving the same authority to the line of Peter's successors so that right down to our present Holy Father, Pope Benedict, we are assured of the same guidance through what the Holy Father teaches us in the Name of Jesus. He promised Peter He would remain with His Church 'til the end of the world. Peter went to Rome and there established Christ's Church. Jesus' guarantee can never change even if some members of the Church show weakness. Jesus never promised Peter that everyone would be perfect. Jesus was very aware of the weakness of the apostles and like them, the weakness of all humanity. But he still chose them and invited them to do His Work. He taught them that temptations would come when he said, "Peter, Satan desires to sift you like wheat but I will pray for you and when you return, you must strengthen the rest... Jesus tried to make the apostles aware of temptations and snares of the devil.

When He said: "Your left hand must not know what your right hand is doing..." He mean't you cannot trust your flesh, your humanity, even to that degree. He advised as well to pray and keep on the watch against such temptations when He said "Stay awake and pray. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." So we cannot blame Jesus, or the whole Church for the falls of individual members. In other words, we cannot write off Christ's True Church because of the sins of His followers even if they are leaders. We must stay faithful to His Love in the Mass and the Sacraments.

Is the House of Prayer Catholic?
Yes, Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer is Catholic, however all are welcome. Our Lady invites all people for we are all Her Children and She calls to all of us through Christina Gallagher in a Message of Love and a Call to Conversion. In Her message to Christina on 28 February 1988, Our Lady Queen of Peace said:

"Tell all My children to come back to Me and My Son. We are waiting and We love all Our Children. Repent. Go to Confession, unburden yourselves of all sin, and receive my Son's Body and Blood worthily. Pray and make sacrifice. In return I will give you peace in your hearts. Some of My children feel they do not know the way back, I just say, take the first step back and I will help you."

"I want peace. I love you all regardless of how far you have strayed. I love you all. If only you could know. My heart bleeds for you and My Son's heart bleeds. I say to you again. I love all my children and bless them."


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