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christina gallagher

"I had never met Christina Gallagher, though from what I had read and heard I was inclined to accept her as genuine. But what in the event completely convinced me of this was the extraordinary insight she displayed into my interior life, including my spiritual track-record to date: that is, my memory-bank of triumphs and failures over the years in the Lord's service.

In other words, this remarkable Irishwoman demonstrated beyond any doubt that she possessed a sort of X-ray vision into my private world of conscience and moral striving. She could read the secrets of my heart. She could witness within me the hidden arena where, as is the case with everyone, warfare is waged non-stop between good and evil, truth and falsehood, light and darkness.

Though aware that other priests had a similar experience, I was nonetheless bowled over when Christina Gallagher proceeded to discern with clinical precision the weaknesses and strengths of my world within."

Her Special Charism

"All this took place in the course of an interview I had requested of her as part of my three-day retreat to the House of Prayer in Achill. Let me immediately add that Christina conducts such interviews in a manner that is unfailingly discreet, respectful and pleasant. You realise that she is simply carrying out the task for which God has endowed her with such a special charism.

The charism in question evidently functions in conjunction with two of the Holy Spirit's sevenfold gifts. The first is knowledge; Christina knows intimately the secrets of minds and hearts. The second gift is counsel; she offers priests advice that is wonderfully wise, consoling, inspiring and upbuilding.

The end-result of my experience with this amazing mystic was deep peace of soul; which, as we learn from St Ignatius, is unfailingly a sign of God’s presence in any given spiritual process and procedure.

Her Urgent Message

Having been so impressed and helped by the Irish visionary, I take all the more pleasure in commending an excellent book on her “The Sorrow, The Sacrifice & The Triumph” as supplied by Dr Tom Petrisko. He brings into clear focus not only Christina’s profound prayer life and mystical suffering but the urgency of her messages and mission for today’s Church and world.

Certainly this book deserves to find its way into many, many hands especially priestly ones. Indeed, let me suggest that laypeople make a gift of it to some priest(s) they know. For it is undoubtedly we men of little faith – we, the Lord’s anointed, His ministerial priests - that stand to benefit most from any form of contact with the supercharged, clear-sighted faith that animates everything Christina is and does.

Her meaning and role come at a providentially opportune time. For the turmoil within today’s Church has rightly been diagnosed as basically a crisis of faith. Largely responsible for this state of affairs is the liberal theology already so deeply entrenched in many of our seminaries and theological faculties, and which is rapidly spreading its poison among the laity and undermining their faith.

Tonic for Faith

Faith really means two things. The first is our awareness of supernatural realities. Faith’s second meaning concerns its contents, that is what we believe. Both these aspects of our faith receive an invigorating tonic from any form of contact with Christina Gallagher’s world.

Her own awareness of supernatural realities is so keen and habitual that it practically merges with her perception of the material world. Thus, for her, God’s supernatural kingdom is as real and matter-of-fact as driving a car or spreading butter on bread. As for the invisible presences in that divine kingdom – everyone from Our Lord and His Mother down to her guardian angel and the special saints she is on close terms with – these are like familiar house-guests.

With regard to faith’s contents, Christina Gallagher is a beacon of light and orthodoxy. For the messages she receives from heaven touch upon a good number of the church’s traditional teachings, including those under attack by latter-day heretics parading themselves as progressive-minded Catholic liberals.

The Eucharist; the sacramental priesthood; the efficacy and value of Confession; the dark mystery of sin both original and actual; the dignity and authority of Peter’s successor; the filial obedience we owe to the Church’s Magisterium; the reality of Heaven, hell and purgatory; the unique role of Mary in God’s plan of salvation and dispensation of grace; the existence and activity of angels and devils; the marvellous interconnectedness between the saints in Heaven, the souls in purgatory, and us wayfaring pilgrims on earth – these are among the doctrines that feature in Christina’s communications with the supernatural world.

Her Underlying Task

This humble Mayo housewife and mother is a prophetic figure for our times. She speaks about the warning and the divine wrath to come – and exhorts us to repent, to pray, to do penance, and to trust profoundly in God’s mercy.

What is surely Christina’s underlying God-given task is to mobilise the Church Militant and spur it on to victory over the powers of darkness. Through her the Mother of God is pleading for priests, above all to be burning and shining lights amid “the darkness that overshadows both the Chuch and the world” Fallen angels rage upon the earth and many souls are being lost in “the abyss of death eternal.”

christina gallagher
Christina Gallagher - House of Prayer Achill

christina gallagher

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