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"Our Home was Protected
in Moore, Oklahoma Tornado"

Testimony of Carolyn & Ken Ehli in 2014

"Miracle on Northeast 4th Street

On MAY 20, 2013 an EF5 Tornado struck the city of Moore, Oklahoma leaving a path of destruction 7.5 miles long and 1.3 miles wide. I wish to relate our MIRACLE story of how Our Lady Queen of Peace interceded for our protection. My son and I made a trip to Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in Leander, Texas in June 2013 to thank our dear Mother for sparing our lives and our homes.

We follow the Messages from Jesus and Our Lady to Christina Gallagher. We knew something big was coming. We were preparing for it. We knew it in our hearts that disaster was on the way. A time before the tornado, we did “The Jerico Walk.”

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr Gerard McGinnity, christina gallagher
Our Lady with the White Roses
3D picture with the great protection

Our version, of the story in the Bible, was to put the 3D image of Our Lady Queen of Peace with the White Roses in the car. My husband and I prayed the Rosary as we drove about 1 mile in and around our neighborhood, six times in one direction and once the opposite way, calling for protection of our home, streets and belongings. We had no idea that an F5 Tornado was coming soon. We actually did this in other areas of Moore, including where our son lives. Every area we prayed for in this manner was protected.

My husband and I had been away from the house for an appointment. We returned home about 30 minutes after the tornado had passed through the city of Moore.

We found debris on our roof and lawn, however, THERE WAS NO DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION of any kind on our property or on the whole street! The house was fine, there was nothing wrong with it, even though we were in the direct path of this unprecedented tornado. A lady walking down our street after the tornado had passed, stopped and told my husband that a neighbor had witnessed the tornado hovering a few minutes over our home and street. This man said the tornado swiftly raised up and moved south!

We felt that Our Lady wanted this story to go out and be given to encourage and inform everyone of the importance of this 3D image of Our Lady Queen of Peace with the White Roses. It is God’s will. We have this image in our home and venerate Our Lady by means of this picture, praying the Rosaries daily from the heart. Jesus and Mary have repeatedly stressed in their messages the importance of having this image in our homes for protection from the Purification, That is why we have helped over 225 families in Oklahoma and other areas, even in other countries to purchase and receive this great gift with this great promise from Jesus and Mary. We also distribute Matrix Medals for protection, as well as the picture of Our Lady Crying Tears of Blood. We tell many folks to help us send the flat image of Our Lady and her medals around the world, which we have done, since so many graces are offered. (Note: These 2 items offer graces for conversion and protection, but the only image offering protection from the purification is the 3D Image with the White Roses.)

Testimony submitted January 26th 2014 by Carolyn and Ken Ehli

Destruction left in the wake of the Moore City Tornado, Oklahoma


All material on this website is ©Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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