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to Attacks on Christina and her Mission

House of Prayer is faithful to Church
Martina Caffrey rebuts media sensational calls for House of Prayer and Christina Gallagher's ex-communication
29 Nov 2014

More False Sunday World Attacks
Maria Hughes claims are TOTALLY FALSE
9th Nov 2014
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Answer to Sarah Mac Donald
Shameful nasty attack in Irish Independent
17th Oct 2014
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Media Lies

Sunday World Reporters sent packing by pilgrims and Dublin Airport Police
Statement of 2nd Nov 2014
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Notice of Misleading & Uniformed Attack
Statement of October 2014
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no prosecution against House of Prayer Achill
Horrendous Lies against Christina to be probed by Solicitors
Supt Patrick Doyle, head of the Westport Garda District, confirmed that the DPP has decided that legal proceed-ings should not be initiated against Christina Gallagher
Statement of Sept 2014
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Vindictive Attack by the Sunday World is REVEALED for what it is
March 2014
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The People Respond to REPEATED Attack by Sunday World on Christina Gallagher

26th Nov 2013

The People Respond to the Stalking of Christina Gallagher
12 Nov 2013
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House of Prayer AchillResponse to The TV3 Midweek programme
26th Sep 2011

Quite unbelievably the House of Prayer in Achill is singled out every year to have its publicly available financial statements pored over by the media and reported-on in several national newspapers. What is the fascination one must wonder?

The Irish Mail on Sunday on 16th November 2014 added to this strange obsession. Their reports betray a desire to see the demise of the House of Prayer and celebrates the success of their efforts to destroy it, believing as they do that their tactics are working. Focus is predominantly on the falling-off of donations and their analysis suggests these falling figures equate to a decrease in visitor numbers. This notion however is at odds with reality. They obviously do not visit the House of Prayer in Achill or they would know that visitor numbers are in fact increasing.

In 2014 the House of Prayer in Achill continues to attract people and in greater numbers. People have not deserted the House of Prayer as these papers seem eager to imply. If donations are down it is because people in a recession have less money and are not able to make donations. This is reflected in the experience of similar organisations all over the country, all seeing a reduction in funds through donations. It is astonishing that the Irish Mail on Sunday did not consider this factor in their analysis. With regard to the continued misleading mention of houses, we can only reiterate that at no time has Christina Gallagher ever owned four houses as is explained extensively in our previous statements.

Ironically, the ridicule of the tabloid papers only serves to attract more visitors to the House of Prayer, who come firstly perhaps out of curiosity, then they begin to find the truth. One example of those is a man from Roscommon Ned Noone, who came to see what it was all about. Visiting the House of Prayer for the first time in July 2013, he said with incredulity, “I don’t know what the Sunday World is on about!” He now returns regularly with his wife to pray there. People who come to the House of Prayer today do so because their heart is with it. They come in unity and prayer.

As for the House of Prayer’s finances, Heaven has provided for it and will continue to do so. One might say that the deceitful persecution of the House of Prayer in Achill only serves to validate its sanctity.

The Sunday World on 9th November 2014 carried yet another article by Jim Gallagher with even more totally false allegations against Christina Gallagher. In his latest attack he quotes statements made by Maria Hughes, that her mother Briege was ‘giving thousands of euro’ to Christina Gallagher. This is TOTALLY UNTRUE.

Christina Gallagher had not even heard of Briege Hughes until her first and only encounter with her in October 2014 while on a pilgrimage to Padre Pio’s shrine in San Giovanni Rotondo. Mrs Hughes has never given as much as a cent to the House of Prayer or to Christina Gallagher and Maria Hughes’ false claims printed in a national tabloid, being severely damaging to Christina Gallagher’s reputation and her mission, are being pursued.

What has come to our attention, is that Briege Hughes owns two houses in Turkey, one of which we believe she has raised money for. She has done this without any knowledge or permission from the Directors of the House of Prayer in Achill or Christina Gallagher. We, the Directors of the House of Prayer, are only now discovering what Maria Hughes’ mother has been up to. We have obtained evidence that she has raised funds herself for these houses in Turkey, leading people to believe that in so doing they were assisting Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill, but her houses in Turkey have nothing whatsoever to do with the House of Prayer or Christina Gallagher. We have evidence in writing from those she approached for funds.

Perhaps Maria Hughes should ask her mother what she is doing with the money she is borrowing and collecting in a misleading way. Perhaps she should think twice before wrongly accusing others. Those who write such an article as this should think twice about the false accusations they are allowing Maria Hughes to make. We repeat that never has Briege Hughes given any money to Christina Gallagher or to any of the Houses of Prayer. She presented herself on a pilgrimage which ‘anyone’ could have joined.

The slightest investigation by the Sunday World would have revealed the facts behind Maria Hughes incorrect claims, which we ourselves have uncovered with ease. It would be wise now for Maria Hughes to retract her false allegations before further action is taken.

All journalists who are curious to ask questions will find answers to all possible queries on our website We would appreciate if they would publish the truth and not further misleading and deceptive stories.

We, the people who freely attend the House of Prayer in Achill, find it incredible that yet again we have to correct the same slanderous lies propagated by the media in Ireland against Christina Gallagher and her spiritual director Fr Gerard McGinnity, even though we have stated the truth behind these horrific and libelous allegations time and time again, all made without a shred of evidence or proof.

Sarah Mac Donald opens her article in the Irish Independent on 17 October 2014 by quoting a man no one at the House of Prayer has ever heard of, Mick Power, and describes him as an ‘ex-member’ of the House of Prayer. This is baffling as the House of Prayer is not a place one would have membership of - it is a religious centre of Catholic prayer situated on Achill Island and open to all people to come and go freely. Neither has a Mick Power ever worked at the House of Prayer. He is completely unknown there, yet Ms Mac Donald considers him a reliable witness to bring forward to condemn the House of Prayer and Christina Gallagher. Her heavily biased article brings no other such witness to balance his condemnation with the truth. Perhaps she could have spoken to the young man from Dublin whose two brothers died through abuse of drugs. If she had she would have discovered how he himself was instantly freed from his own drug addiction while attending the Saturday night prayer vigil at the House of Prayer in Achill in 2012. He gave testimony to his life’s transformation thanks to Our Lady Queen of Peace, and Her House of Prayer to the members of the public gathered on the 21st anniversary of the opening of the House of Prayer Achill in July 2014. Sarah Mac Donald could have spoken to any of 800 others who have received great blessings and given testimony to their healings and conversion through the prayers of Christina Gallagher and Our Lady’s House of Prayer. But she did not. Why not, we have to wonder?

Central to Ms Mac Donald’s double page spread attack on Christina Gallagher is the €1.6 million profit made by the House of Prayer in 2012. The figures quoted are those published by the House of Prayer itself and we, the people who freely support the House of Prayer, are only too delighted knowing that it continues to operate despite the hostility generated against it by certain parts of the media in Ireland, hell-bent on its destruction. As the financial figures are published each year, it is clear for all to see that the €1.6 million profit includes all assets of the House of Prayer including the value of the building itself, all stock, all equipment including the costly restaurant equipment and at the end of each year any funds go straight back into the running of the House of Prayer itself, which has enormous annual overheads. With hundreds of people in attendance every Saturday, the insurance bill alone in any one year is in the region of Ł20,000. Most importantly however and contrary to Ms Mac Donald’s suggestion, the finances of the House of Prayer are operated by its own Board of Directors entirely separate to Christina Gallagher. Christina Gallagher does not own any of the Houses of Prayer in the US or Mexico and has NEVER benefitted financially from any of them as they are all in Charitable Trusts under a Board of Directors. Ms Mac Donald’s report implies that all these houses form a vast €multi-million fortune owned by Christina and this is TOTALLY FALSE.

The media have continually put forward this impression that Christina is amassing a great fortune in order to discredit her and thereby discredit the work Heaven is doing through her. Yes, it is the Messages from Our Lady and Jesus that are under attack here. Those behind this attack do not want the people at large to hear these warnings from Jesus or the pleas of His Mother to convert and thus receive His offers of protection.

With regard to the other houses we reiterate our statement of
12 November 2013. The entire statement and follow-up of 26th November can be read in full here. Mrs Gallagher owns only one house while the one she previously used is for sale because she was tantalized in it due to the media’s constant harassment through lies and false accusation and the sale of that property will be of help and gain to the House of Prayer in Achill. This pattern of repeated harassment and stalking drove her from each successive house, selling the one she lived in to purchase another in the vain hope of gaining personal safety – a persecution which reached its most reckless extreme of life endangerment when a tabloid printed a picture placing Mrs. Gallagher’s head within a rifle sighting!

She was first driven from her house at Newport (which she had purchased with the royalties from her own books and tapes with her personal money.) A man from the US hired a film crew from the UK and broke into her private property to film. When confronted by the Gardai this crew lied saying they had sent their film on ahead to an address in Dublin which was a bogus address discovered by the Guards. Instead the tape is believed to have been taken back to the US by those involved.

As a result of this outrageous invasion of privacy, we, the people, felt it necessary to put in place a protection for her. We did this freely and knowingly and we legally declared so in writing. This house acquired by her in Malahide suffered similar invasions of privacy through the relentless Sunday World campaign having a photographer take a flight over the house as related by Jim Gallagher himself and then printing a full page picture of the property. This not only brought a further procession of tantalising stalkers to the house but also rendered Mrs Gallagher’s life and safety at great risk by suggesting falsely that she had antiques and possibly cash in the house. She has neither and, in fact, dislikes antiques. The campaign of hatred has been ruthless in turning Mrs Gallagher into a ready target for any gullible reader or hearer of this despicable material.

Among the 800 testimonies of healings, conversions and great graces received are five healings of serious and near death illnesses professionally investigated and found by medical consultants to be ‘medically, scientifically and psychologically inexplicable and far exceeding the proof routinely accepted by the Church’. A number of them have been recorded giving public witness in thanksgiving at the House of Prayer in Achill to the crowds gathered there.

We are aware that the Church has received the full reports of these medically approved healings but sadly and painfully responded only with the remark, ‘the investigation is over’. What makes this response most deeply wounding is not a rejection of Christina Gallagher but of the Lord God who in His Love and mercy brought these about.

This attack reaches into every corner of Christina Gallagher’s life. She receives hate calls on the phone, at her gate, her home is broken into, her phones and network are hacked into, she is followed, spied on, stalked and threatened wherever she goes. A helicopter has flown very slowly within the garden and over the property that Christina owned for the best part of an hour, coming low down and very close to the house. On three different occasions this has taken place. Sarah Mac Donald chose 5.30 am at the departure gate at Dublin Airport, when Christina was travelling with a group on a pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo, to approach her for an interview! and then in her article disingenuously states “but she refused to comment”!

There were a number of seats block-booked on the plane and on the return flight it was discovered that two of these seats had been mysteriously changed. Upon investigation by the tour operator it was stated to him in reply, “these seats were tampered with”. To the complete bewilderment of the tour operator the two original seats were still vacant! and he arranged that they be immediately restored.

Emerging from the arrivals gate in Dublin airport the Sunday World pounced on Christina with their cameras, pushing pilgrims aside, harassing her and them, photographing and filming without her permission or that of the airport authorities. At the same time, when security at airports worldwide is at its highest, the airport police at the Dublin Airport arrivals gate were notably absent, which strikes one as strange.

Strenuous efforts have been made too over the last number of years by so-called cult expert Mike Garde, to bring about the Church’s condemnation of Christina Gallagher and to discredit Fr McGinnity and prevent him from travelling to the House of Prayer. Ms Mac Donald quotes from what Cardinal Sean Brady former Archbishop of Armagh on 1st August 2014 said of this in correspondence to them; “I am not in possession of evidence that Father McGinnity is breaking the law – either civil or canonical. We do live in a country where citizens enjoy the right to freedom of movement and in a Church where there are many different ministries.” Regarding their claim that the House of Prayer is heretical he comments thus; “In our tradition such pronouncements are made by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith in Rome. I am not aware of any such pronouncement being made.” The Cardinal also discloses that himself and Fr McGinnity have often discussed the matter of the House of Prayer and Christina Gallagher. About Fr McGinnity the Cardinal comments; “What I do know is that when I visit Father McGinnity’s parish, I find a congregation there that is among the most attentive, prayerful and devout in this diocese and I am reminded of the words: ‘By their fruits you shall know them’.”


Ms Sarah MacDonald
Independent Newspapers
who conveyed questions in writing to Mrs. Christina Gallagher,

Mrs Gallagher responds,
“Rather than communicate directly with you, it may be advisable for me –on the basis of my previous experiences with journalists- to reply to your six questions on this website;

1. Regarding your statement that “there are calls for you and Fr.McGinnity to be excommunicated over claims that your practices and messages are heretical”, I refer you to read the reply of Cardinal Brady in relation to mention of the word ‘heretical’.

2. Regarding your remark about fund-raising, there is no such thing as elderly people (or any persons) being pressurized at the House of Prayer to give money or otherwise.

3. There is no such thing as threatening messages of destruction in relation to the construction of another House of Prayer in the US. In fact, the request relating to the establishment of Houses of Prayer ended in 2006!

4. As regards annual returns for the House of Prayer, these are publicly available and have, incidentally, been published by your own newspaper every year! It appears that the House of Prayer is the only company which has an annual report published on it, for no apparent reason…

5. We fail to understand what you are referring to regarding 'Christina Gallagher, Fr. McGinnity, the House of Prayer and a schism from the Church', because Fr.McGinnity fulfills all his parish duties and Christina Gallagher receives the sacraments daily; the House of Prayer is a private House of Prayer and no-one is in disobedience to the archbishop so no group of people gathering to pray together should be classified in the way you do. It is, on the contrary, the baptismal right of all people everywhere to exercise their right to pray, as the Lord Himself says, “Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, I am there among them”.

6. As already stated the archbishop received reports of four medically approved healings. As for his decision to have already closed the investigation or 'committee of enquiry' these medically approved healings were handed to him after the 'enquiry' was closed. Now it is up to him.


A further media attack appeared in the Sunday World on 2nd November 2014 and clearly shows the Irish Independent, sister paper the Sunday World and the Irish Catholic, all to be linked. It is one paper taking stories from the other, not checking what is fact, writing only what is reported by the other paper, without care for the truth only for libellous statements of deception.

Sunday World reporters pounced on Christina Gallagher as she emerged from Dublin Airport arrivals gate. Pilgrims spoke to them immediately saying, "You do not have permission to photograph anyone" and "You are not going to take her photo" and placing their hands between the camera lens and Christina. Sunday World paid no attention but kept snapping. This statement was repeated to them again and again while they kept photographing, pushing and shoving the pilgrims who had by then come between the Sunday World and Christina Gallagher.

Sunday World reporter making a living out of photographing people did not like to be photographed herself, covering her face when pilgrims took out their cameras to snap her harassing a group of people returning from pilgrimage. Note, the camera was never round the photographers neck as stated in their totally false report and she was not in the least frightened but gleeful in her endeavours to get closer to her target.

Sunday World reporters snapped by pilgrims

Airport police were notably absent but when they did show up the Sunday World reporters were told to leave the building.
Sunday World sent packing

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The Very Rev Fr Gerard McGinnity PhD is the spiritual director of Christina Gallagher.

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