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christina gallagher, our lady queen of peace with roses, house of prayer achill

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Christina Gallagher has been receiving messages from Our Lady and Jesus for over 25 years. These messages have been upheld by Heaven in many ways but especially in the healings, miracles, conversions and protections bestowed on those who follow and live the messages as requested by Our Lady. These fruits of the mission of the House of Prayer prove the Truth of these messages and the blessing of God on the work carried out there. These messages are proof of a loving, merciful but firm God who permits Our Lady to draw souls back to Him in prayer and repentance through Her messages to Christina. These messages are at times thought-provoking and call on us to take action in drawing Godís Mercy rather than His Justice on our sinful world. We have seen an increase in the sins of the world through abortion, violence, war, murder and hate. These sins draw Godís Justice down upon us in the forms of disease, disasters, calamities and suffering in order to bring His wayward children back to Him. Our Lady is permitted to warn us of these sufferings in advance as a means to draw people back to God before they need to suffer and to seek Godís forgiveness through repentance. We have seen in these messages, a fulfilment of some of the warnings and prophecies given to Christina by Our Lady such as the attack on the Twin Towers and the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. We are also warned of future calamities and sufferings to come such as natural disasters and a possible third world war if we do not respond to Our Ladyís call. This call to repent and turn back to Her Son is the overall theme of Our Ladyís messages to Christina over the last 25 years. The public messages of Our Lady have now ceased as Our Lady says that She has not been listened to in the messages given through Christina but has been mocked instead. She also has explained that She has said everything that needs to be said. It is up to us to re-read the messages given by Her to fully grasp the Truth God has revealed to us through Our Lady. Jesus now guides us through Christina in His messages, preparing us in body and soul for the suffering and purification to come. We are not left without aid as we have the great promise of protection in the Matrix Medal, the sacramentals and in Our Ladyís image crying tears of blood and adorned with white roses. We are the children of Our Lady and Her Son, Jesus, and we are not alone. Through the messages given to Christina, we find the hope, love and mercy of God and the means granted to us by Him to protect ourselves, our families and our country.

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Young writer Martina Caffrey, M.A. in Theology, has specialised in Catholic writing over the last 10 years. Her writings have included work published in the Hibernian magazine and the Catholic Voice newspaper. She is author of the book ďA Fatherís LoveĒ and is currently working on a follow up book on the apparitions of Our Lady around the world. Her academic research is into the theology of the liturgy based on Pope Benedict XVIís writings as Pope and Cardinal, with a further book in the pipeline.

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