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Part 5
Prophecies Fulfilled
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Over the last 25 years, Christina has been given warnings of disasters and events which will come to the world as a consequence of sin. Many of these prophecies have since been fulfilled. The fulfilment of these prophecies and warnings given by Our Lady and Jesus upholds the authenticity of the messages and apparitions to Christina. By looking at these messages, we can see how Heaven sought to warn us of the bodily danger into which our sins were leading us and if the warnings had been heeded through prayer and repentance, these events and disasters could have been prevented or at least mitigated in their severity. Christina has received much abuse from the media and people who wish to destroy her, for making these fulfilled prophecies public. She is mocked when she publishes warnings of these events and then when they do occur, she is accused of trying to exploit the suffering caused by these disasters for her own benefit. Some have even gone so far as to accuse her of claiming a false beforehand knowledge of the events such as the Twin Towers and the 2004 Tsunami and ‘piggybacking’ on these tragic events to draw attention to herself. By looking at the messages given to Christina, it is quite clear how nonsensical these accusations are and how the warnings of disaster or life-impacting events which affect the world have been given by a loving and concerned Mother and Her Son, Jesus, Our Saviour. These warnings were not given to scare us or cause sensation but to remind us and make us more aware of the danger we often unknowingly face. As Our Lady says to Christina on the 16th July 2001, “Even today, many of you are here only for sensation- in God it does not exist. When you search for sensation you enter the shadow of darkness...In My House you will find Truth.” In this spirit of seeking the Truth, the prophecies fulfilled can be examined. Some of the most recent events and disasters which have happened in the world were forewarned in the messages to Christina back in the early 90s and were subsequently related by Christina to her spiritual director, Fr. McGinnity, to be recorded. They were also related in her biography, ‘Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross’. These warnings were subsequently fulfilled.

1. Weather changes and calamities

Earthquake in Iran
- Christina has recounted in her book how she was shown an earthquake taking place in a Middle Eastern location which would kill thousands of people. She was shown this vision three weeks before an earthquake took place in Iran in which a tunnel collapsed on a crowd of people heading to Mecca, killing 5,000 people. Christina had already informed her spiritual director of the vision beforehand. When it occurred and was shown on the news, Our Lady told Christina that she was “shown the calamity before it took place, not to prevent it but to prepare the souls of the people of God.”

War in Rwanda - In 1993, Christina received an apparition in which she was asked by an African boy named Emmanuel Segastashya, who was unknown to her at the time, to “pray for me and my country, Burundi”. It was a year later when the war in Rwanda broke out and also engulfed the neighbouring country of Burundi. Of the many massacres which took place there, one victim was Emmanuel, who also had apparitions of Our Lady. It was clear that Christina was being asked to pray for him and the many victims of that war before it happened. Similarly, she was shown an apparition of a war in 1992 which then also broke out two years later in Chechnya.

The Twin Towers - In New York on September 11th 1999, Christina prophesised that the Twin Towers would be destroyed. She was in the company of a group of people including her spiritual director and an American judge, Dan Lynch. Following the events of 2001, he made a public statement backing up Christina’s claims which had been mocked and vilified in the media following 9/11 as they accused her of trying to use a major tragedy for her own benefit. Judge Dan Lynch confirmed that they had visited Manhattan and upon his remark on the enormity of the Twin Towers as a symbol of America’s economic might and the reliance of power over prayer, Christina pointed towards the Twin Towers and said, “Dan, if Americans don’t turn back to God all this will be destroyed.” This prophecy was fulfilled two years to the day later when the Twin Towers were destroyed.

Tsunami in Indian Ocean - Another major disaster which Christina was warned of and which was shown to her on a number of occasions from 1996 onwards was of a massive tsunami wave washing over a beautiful sandy beach and houses leaving corpses strewn on the beach as it returned to the sea. At the time, she did not know that this described a tsunami as the word was unknown to her. She published the vision in 1996 in her biography. She was aware that Our Lady was warning of this event in order to prevent it through prayer and repentance but this went unheeded. She was mocked and ridiculed instead. On the 26th December 2004, this disaster happened in the Indian Ocean when an undersea earthquake triggered a massive tsunami which smashed into nine countries across Asia and killed nearly 250,000 people.

Weather changes - Over the last number of years, the world has experienced changes in the weather patterns. This is often attributed to global warming. However, the true reason behind these changes becomes clear when reading the messages given to Christina. Since 1995, Our Lady has warned of changes in the weather which have and will continue to occur due to the Hand of God covering the world as His Justice falls on the world. On the 1st January 1995, Our Lady said, “The weather will be so changeable: heat to cold to ice; rainstorms like the world has not witnessed; hurricanes, floods, earthquakes even in unexpected countries; mudslides. Disasters throughout the world will increase when the Hand of My Son covers the world.” Again on the 14th December 1996, Jesus said, “Soon, child, soon the world will recognise its Creator. Soon the heavens and the earth will change in its seasons. The birth pangs rage in the world but will multiply-calamity after calamity, storm after storm.” In 2002, Our Lady warned of storms coming which would affect many in the world unlike any storm which has been seen. Similarly Our Lady warned of floods affecting many countries in 2003 and 2005 which bring to mind the severe flooding in Ireland and England in the winter of 2013-2014. Christina was shown floods and storms affecting Europe in 2005 when she recounted the knowledge given to her by God. She related how heavy rainstorms, hail, gale-storms and tornadoes will increase to terrific levels in areas accustomed to storms but also in places where they do not normally occur. This brings to mind the mini-tornadoes which have occurred in Ireland in recent years and the severe storms and floods which have affected Europe over the last few years, particularly Ireland and England last winter. In 2005, Our Lady also spoke of mudslides in many parts of the world bringing to mind the many mudslides which have devastated some countries in recent years, most recently being the mudslide in Washington in March 2014 which claimed many lives in a place unaccustomed to such happenings. These warnings have been renewed many times over the following years since 2005 by both Our Lady and Jesus as They have sought to plead with the people to return to God in order to prevent more of these calamities.

2. Economic and societal changes

In the messages given to Christina, both Our Lady and Jesus have often warned of changes coming to our society and economy which are not the Will of God and will change our lives for the worse. Many of these changes and events have taken place already even unawares to us unless we read the messages and realise just how much they have been fulfilled.

As early as 1996 Jesus warned that marriage was under attack in our society as many no longer believed in its sanctity, saying, “ removing love from the union and commitment in the sacrament of holy wedlock. It is no longer considered a holy union in the Sacrament of Marriage.” We can see this attitude towards marriage becoming more prevalent in our society as we see the increase in civil marriages outside the Church, civil partnerships including homosexual ‘marriages’ and the increase of co-habitating couples until it is now considered the norm. These acts all insult and damage the Sacrament of Marriage which was instituted and blessed by God. The level of marriage break-down in the world is a result of this removal of God from the marriage union. This same warning can be seen in Our Lady’s message on July 16th 2003 when She warns of the oppression of the Antichrist. He will force things contrary to God on us such as abortion, euthanasia, same sex marriages with the rights to adopt children and the crushing of the poor and the handicapped. By looking at the world and Ireland in particular, we can see just how many of these have already been implemented and forced upon us. This was again shown in another message from Our Lady on February 22nd 2005, when She said, “The blood of the martyrs cries out to God to purify the earth. The blood of the innocents, the aborted babies, cries out to God to stop this abomination.” As Our Lady gave this message, Christina could see a sea of blood as mothers have become accustomed to abortion as if it is just another contraception method. Our Lady continued, saying, “The three sins that afflict the Heart of Jesus is now fulfilled and is on-going throughout the world.” This referred to a message given to Christina by Our Lady in 1992 when She said, “The three sins which grieve My Son’s Heart most at this time are: Abortion, the killing of the innocents; the sacrificing of the innocents to Satan; the immoral abuse of the innocents.” This is a strong message from Our Lady on how much pain and insult to God is caused by abortion and child abuse. The wording of this message is not intended to frighten but to remind us of the severity of these sins including abortion and to ask us to pray for an end to abortion, to do everything we can to stop this murder of innocent babies. On the 26th January 2013, Jesus spoke to Christina again on this subject, warning how close the sin of abortion was in becoming a reality in Ireland. He said, “Your isle will have abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage- all of which grieves My Sacred Heart.” We can see just how soon after this warning was given it was fulfilled as abortion was legalised in Ireland a year later, while euthanasia has yet to be legalised despite the attempts of some individuals. Same-sex marriages are also close to being legalised as the country goes to a referendum on the subject next year [2015] as the confusion and misunderstanding of the people towards it mean many are not aware why it is wrong and are led by the media and pressure groups into believing that it is a civil right.

These sins weaken society as a whole and draw God’s Justice down upon us in atonement. They also cause unrest and disturbance in society which can lead to further difficulties such as violence, murder and suicide. In this country in particular, we have a daily rise in these instances as a murder or violent attack seems to occur every day and we are seeing more and more suicides especially among the youth. Our Lady and Jesus have both warned us of this rise in youth suicide over the last 25 years which went unheeded. It is for this reason and to stem the tide of youth suicide that God granted through Our Lady, the gift of Solace at the House of Prayer, to help sustain the people, especially the youth, through these times of suffering and help them to overcome and resist the wish to commit suicide. On the 16th July 2003, Our Lady spoke on youth suicide particularly for the first time when She said, “Do you not know you cannot live without God? Otherwise you will see more children caught in the web of Satan, drawn into despair and ending their lives. Parents, I beg you bring God back into your lives and homes!” This was repeated on the 16th July 2005 when Our Lady again spoke on the issue, saying, “You cannot see how the Evil One is stealing the youth of your country and the world, in seduction through suicide, drugs, alcohol, lust, lack of faith and confusion.” This message can be seen to have been fulfilled more and more with each passing year as we see the increase in youth issues with alcohol, drugs, suicide and a withdrawing from the faith and God. These issues do not only affect the youth but society as a whole. As Our Lady spoke to Christina on January 23rd 2006, saying, “the seed of evil in the form of anger, aggression, hate, violence and even murder is already in the hearts of many and without prayer will reach the hearts of many more and this will increase enormously.” We can see this has been fulfilled and continues to be so every week and even every day in our country as the rise in violence and aggression in the hearts of people has led to murders and violent acts nearly every day. This, Our Lady says in a message on the 16th July 2006, is a consequence of our lax attitude towards sin, “Many live as if God does not exist. Sin is rationalised to non-existence.” She goes even further in making this clear later in the message with a firm and motherly warning, saying, “My Son’s Hand is heavy, weighted down by much sin. The innocent children suffer much. How can a person be called ‘mother’ by name who has no heart as she looks on at such depraved behaviour. The Evil One is drawing your children from you into a cesspool of degeneration and depravity. That is what leads to suicide; no sense of reason and seduction is made easy for many. Pray, pray for the youth of the world. Prayer is absent from the homes and hearts of so many youth.” This strong message from Our Lady shows us the urgency with which Heaven wishes to curb the destruction of the youth. Again Our Lady seeks to warn us in a loving motherly way which is also firm and urgent to make us realise how serious the issue is to Her and to God. On the 1st of July 2007, Our Lady again spoke on the issue, saying, “The youth have not been encouraged to consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart. Therefore, there will be many who will commit suicide. Many will murder each other. There will be division in homes, families and among friends. Peace is so lacking in the hearts and homes of many, many of My children, especially the youth. They stray like lost children without family or home, evil waiting to devour them on every side.” These messages clearly show an urgency to safeguard our families and society especially the youth from the dangers which are all around. We have seen these warnings come true in our country and they will continue to be fulfilled as long as we reject God and turn away from Him through sin.

In the messages Our Lady and Jesus continually warn us of the events which will affect our lives. One such warning was of the collapse of the stock market and the world-wide recession which has since been fulfilled and may be fulfilled again in the near future. These warnings were originally given to Christina at the height of the economic boom in our ‘Celtic Tiger’ economy and she was chastised and mocked for revealing predictions which seemed impossible to imagine. In 2003 on the 16th of July, Our Lady spoke on the economic difficulties ahead of us, which have since been fulfilled to some extent, “[The Antichrist] will be head of all ruling in the world. Everything you buy or sell is getting caught in its web. The old will suffer much and the young. The poor will become poorer and suffer much...I told you this when I pleaded against the Maastricht Treaty but you and your leaders worshipped money and now the web of evil is unfolding around Europe and the world.” Again on January 23rd 2006, Our Lady told Christina that the stock market would collapse and cause great confusion. As far back as 1992, Our Lady told Christina of the changes which were coming to the world and national economies. She told Christina that there would be a uniting of currencies beginning in Europe which we can see was fulfilled in the Euro. She also told her of a cashless society which would be introduced and which we can see fulfilled in the credit card and chip and pin dependency, embraced in recent years in this country. On the 8th of October 2009, Our Lady again warned of this when She said, “The one-world bank is in its place...A cashless society is being implemented.” Christina was also told in 1992 that there would be at least one and possibly two stock market crashes which would lead to great poverty and suffering. This can be seen to have been fulfilled in Ireland as the austerity measures have nearly financially crippled the people of Ireland.

continued in Part 6 - Prophecies Yet to be Fulfilled ...

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Young writer Martina Caffrey, M.A. in Theology, has specialised in Catholic writing over the last 10 years. Her writings have included work published in the Hibernian magazine and the Catholic Voice newspaper. She is author of the book “A Father’s Love” and is currently working on a follow up book on the apparitions of Our Lady around the world. Her academic research is into the theology of the liturgy based on Pope Benedict XVI’s writings as Pope and Cardinal, with a further book in the pipeline.

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