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Part 3
Messages of Love and Mercy
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One of the greatest ways in which God has showed His love towards those who have responded to the messages given to Christina Gallagher, was in the gift of the Seal of the Living God bestowed by God on the faithful who came to the House of Prayer in Achill beginning on the 16th Of July 1999. This Seal was offered by God as a protection for the faithful in the times of purification to come and Christina was made aware that it took the form of a circle on the forehead of the individual as a circle of light and red, the symbol of the Living God, the Alpha and the Omega, which was bathed in the Blood of the Lamb and passed through the Eucharistic Host before being placed on each forehead. Christina offered herself as a victim soul so no one would lose the chance to obtain the Seal even if they were unworthy i.e. not in a state of grace. She was also made aware that those who were incapable of travelling to the House of Prayer were also sealed as well as those who would have come if they had been aware of this great gift. This Seal continued at the House of Prayer until the appointed number to receive it was met as stated in the Book of Revelation in the year 2001. In a message given on July 16th 2000, Our Lady spoke to Christina about the protection of God out of love for us all, saying, “God desires all to receive the protection of the Living God and the Seal given with such love. If only My children throughout the world could understand the value of what God so freely gives through My little one and in My House, they would need no messengers of My message as the means for life to be renewed in their souls for life everlasting... I say now to you, My children, experience now in your hearts the love of your Mother, for My love is the Love of the Pure Heart of God flowing from the Heart of your Mother, and I desire to share that love with each one of you here today. I search for My children throughout the world... This House God has permitted to be an open fountain of grace.” Our Lady then goes on to remind us that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph and those who remain closed to Her love will be illuminated and opened to the love of God although they will suffer heavy crosses for their stubbornness. Accompanying this message, Christina could see countless angels and the Holy Spirit enflame the House of Prayer with flames of fire. She could also see countless souls released from Purgatory.

In the summer of 2001, Christina was told by Our Lady that She wished the people of the world, especially the youth, to come to Her House to receive the gift of “Solace and Eternal Life”. This is a gift which has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by the media and those who wish to destroy the House of Prayer. The difference between the Seal and the gift of Solace and Eternal Life is that those who have received the Seal will not endure the suffering brought about by the Antichrist in the future. The gift of Solace and Eternal Life will help save the souls of those who receive it and although they will endure much suffering, they will have ‘solace’ to comfort them. This gift is ongoing at the House of Prayer. It does not guarantee eternal life like some claim as the actions of the person can cause them to lose this gift through sin and turning away from God. It ensures that if we stay faithful to God through the practice of our faith and living the messages given by Our Lady, we will gain eternal life and will be given the endurance to overcome future sufferings from the Antichrist. This is a gift which works in union with the practice of the faith and is not a free ticket to salvation without religious faith or practice.

Our Lady speaks on the 20th June 2001 of the mercy of God which will be shown to the people who come to the House of Prayer during the time of God’s Justice. On the 16th July of that same year, She speaks of the protection which God will give to the House of Prayer and the faithful in the times of suffering and purification as God will cleanse the world of sin. On July 5th 2002, Our Lady tells us through Christina that the warnings in these messages are there to help us to repent and prepare like the wise virgins in the Gospel parable, helping us to prepare for the sufferings which are coming to the world. This is a sign of a loving Mother who wishes to help and protect Her children and a call for those who are far away to return and receive the same love and protection unlike the foolish virgins who left it too late to respond. This is a call which is repeated throughout the messages. On 25th July 2003, Our Lady goes further by promising those who have aided Christina that She will be with them at the hour of death and will deliver them from Purgatory and bring them into the Kingdom of Heaven. On the 16th and 25th July 2006, Our Lady tells us again how much She loves us and wishes to help us through the graces given by God, “I desire to touch your hearts and give you the many graces God desires to give you through Me. My children, I cannot give you these graces unless you open your hearts to Me.” She also thanks those who have already responded and have helped to save souls through their prayers and openness to God. She again promises that at the hour of death, She will meet their souls and lead them into Heaven through the Sacred Wounds of Jesus. This is repeated on 25th July 2009 when Our Lady speaks for the great mercy of Jesus which has drawn many sinners back to God through the response of the faithful to the messages. On the 15th March 2011 Jesus speaks of this mercy and protection saying, “those of you who have taken to heart the truth of My call for your protection, you have nothing to fear-even in the midst of ever-unthinkable evil befalling your world.” On the 20th May 2011, He speaks further on this saying, “My people will recognise it has been My Mercy that has fallen on many to let them see that only in Me is there Love, Mercy and Truth. It is I, Truth, who has permitted many people to witness My Love and Mercy through the gifts that have been granted, to let all see My fruitfulness through you and My son, Gerard (Christina’s spiritual director) in this, My work for souls.” Through these messages and many others over the last 25 years, God’s Love and Mercy for souls shines through upholding the truth of these messages.

continued in Part 4...
Upholding the Catholic Faith and Scriptural Basis of the Messages

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Young writer Martina Caffrey, M.A. in Theology, has specialised in Catholic writing over the last 10 years. Her writings have included work published in the Hibernian magazine and the Catholic Voice newspaper. She is author of the book “A Father’s Love” and is currently working on a follow up book on the apparitions of Our Lady around the world. Her academic research is into the theology of the liturgy based on Pope Benedict XVI’s writings as Pope and Cardinal, with a further book in the pipeline.

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