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Jesus Speaks to Christina Gallagher

Jesus spoke to Christina on 22 September 2017; He said,
My people, I want you to see the might of My Hand. How you still find fault with My messenger and fail to respond to My call. Your hearts are closed to Me. Many of you, My people, respond only to try and find fault with My words and through your closed hearts and sinful ways, you draw My Hand upon your world even more swiftly. Your sin multiplies, your arrogance grows as you dissect My words to My messenger who endures much for your sake. How so many of you cling to your money and goods as if it were I you were clinging to. Your worldly goods will be of no value to gain your inheritance of Eternal Life. I plead with you, look into your hearts, what do you see there? - the world's thirst through your flesh.

I am denied in My Church as the way is opened for anti-Christ. All these many years you have only found fault with the vessel of My Heart and many united in increasing her suffering, to cause as much distress as was possible upon her. Ask yourselves why? - because your hearts are closed to Me who is Truth. Many of you bear the mark of the one I spoke of in the Gospel who stood on the street corner… (Jesus then drew to Christina's mind the parable about hypocrisy before God). My messenger, I tell you to request My brother Gerard to read that parable to the world."

(Here is the parable from St. Matthew's Gospel, chapter 6);
'Be careful not to parade your good deeds before men to attract their notice; by doing this you will lose all reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give alms, do not have it trumpeted before you; this is what the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets to win men's admiration. I tell you solemnly, they have had their reward. But when you give alms, your left hand must not know what your right is doing; your almsgiving must be secret, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you. And when you pray, do not imitate the hypocrites: they love to say their prayers standing up in the synagogues and at the street corners for people to see them. I tell you solemnly, they have had their reward. But when you pray go to your private room and, when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in that secret place, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you. When you fast do not put on a gloomy face as the hypocrites do: they pull long faces to let men know they are fasting. I tell you solemnly, they have had their reward. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that no-one will know you are fasting except your Father who sees all that is done in secret; and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you.'

Jesus resumed,
"You are like such. Your hearts are closed to Me and you draw your life more into unity with the world, flesh and sin. You must understand that My Life in you is your inheritance. That is your only safety. Wake up before it is too late! My Hand has shown Its might in parts of your world that have rejected Me for centuries, yet My mercy was given. The time of My mercy is over for many because they live by the flesh for so long they do not know Me. They are blind and draw only darkness and sin unto themselves.

O you foolish man of the world, so bold and hard of heart!, hear My call before it is too late for you, too.

The devils swarm the world's inhabitants and yet they see nothing. So many of the world curse Me for My Hand crushing foolish mankind but no-one wants to know why or open their hearts. The world will endure many terrible calamities to show them what their hearts' yearning brought upon them - their desire was not for Me but only for the world. I say to you, wicked man, wake up before it is your turn to experience the wrath of My Hand. My Heart thirsts for you but you have become wicked, so full of self-will. My mercy is only with you for a short time. Cry out to Me for mercy. My mercy I will give you. My people, My Sacred Heart weeps Blood for you! My love is pure. Partake of Me and reject the flesh and the world. Live in Me who is Life and Light.

I bless you,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

22 September 2017


Jesus speaks to Christina Gallagher

Message - August 16th 2017
Jesus Speaks to Christina:

"My little one, be at peace. My peace I give you. Let it still your heart. I tell you, trust in Me. I am Mercy, Truth, Life and Light.
Anyone who bears life in Me will walk in light and have My life in them. Those who choose to walk in darkness, live by the world and partake only of the world.
I became Man to save man from himself. In My mercy I became Man and man was begotten in My Life.
O you foolish people who choose to live in the stench of sin and reject My Mercy! I have called you out of darkness into the light to receive My Mercy and to enkindle in your hearts and souls the light and life I have given you.
The world has become a cesspool of iniquity and how My people bathe in it as if that were their inheritance!
How man within My Church has drawn My Church into the stench of such s…..
* Its mire of filth pierces My Sacred Heart.
So many have become one in its depraved actions. How many who received their power and state in My Church through s…..
* plunder truth in fulfilling the needs of the flesh to draw them to loss of faith and in their actions lead them to condemnation.
So many live by the world. My people l…... within My Church, how you have made yourselves pariahs before Me! You partake of filth and live like animals. I gave you life - you repay Me by becoming death. How wicked the hearts of mankind have become! I have revealed this to My children of Fatima through the voice of My Mother.
My Church will soon be shaken to its foundations as it makes way for antiChrist to rule and sit on the chair of Peter.
How the evil one rejoices to see this but for man to destroy My Church and lead My people astray! Woe unto such people!
The call of My Heart and that of My Mother have been blocked out because they do not want to hear Me and so many permit life of Me to be destroyed in their souls.
Soon I will prune back those who do not have My life in them. Their shoots of evil propagated throughout the world will be burned in the everlasting fires, while they do not believe that such exist.

My dear little one, how you have been crushed because those who know you are telling the truth drew destruction upon you through lies and deception, on account of their own guilt. Such people will perish. I will say unto them, "Begone from Me, you cursed! By your actions you have chosen this for yourself."

Dear child, the words I give you will enter many hearts. My words to you will bring life to many.

This work I have asked of you is a heavy cross to carry. Its wounds abide upon your heart but etched upon your face for all to see. I tell you, be at peace. All things are passing, and those who choose to hear and respond to truth - putting truth first and building upon it their lives - will be those who will enter their eternity of life to rejoice.

I bless you, child.
Do not let your heart be troubled.
Unto you I impart My choicest blessings,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

*Regarding the abbreviated word - as most people are already aware, when a word is shortened a dot replaces each omitted letter in that word. So the number of dots always indicates the number of letters in the actual abbreviated word. Unfortunately, a few misguided people, unaware of that grammatical procedure, are now making their own personal judgements to cause confusion and mislead others about the meaning of the word uttered by Jesus to Christina in this message. Their personal conjectures are entirely false. The word in question has absolutely nothing to do with excrement or human waste as, for some unknown reason, they seem to automatically assume because it happens to begin with the letter "s"! If they had paid close attention to the number of letters in the abbreviated word, they would know it could not be so and they would not be causing such confusion to others.

Message - August 2nd 2017
Jesus Speaks to Christina:

"Your sufferings are many because there are many storms surrounding your life. I am aware of all you endure:
I draw your sufferings through your offering of will and many souls are being saved. There is a great battle of the principalities fought around your life, and you experience its effects. You are hated by the devil because of your offering through your will to Me. I draw it into the Light and many, many souls that are destined for hell are saved. I tell you, be at peace. All is passing but great work is being done.

I have asked My people to take care of you but many do not fulfil My desire. If they could understand they would change their hearts, and put My request first in their lives. They know it is I, their Lord God who communicates with you and I am Truth. In My people's response, they can make it their offering to Me for souls- to bring about the means to end your fears and sorrow. I do not desire this kind of sorrow and fear for it draws your heart away from Me. I see all things and I know what is in the hearts of My people. All will see much change throughout the world- war, war, war, unrest, weather changes beyond man's understanding. There will be many scientists to explain My Hand away. My Hand is fast approaching your world. The world's offences to My Sacred Heart through sin are enormous. My messenger, if My people allowed Me into their hearts they would not have need for Me to remind them. They would fulfil what I ask: they would not bear your life for one day. My messenger, they have it easy in comparison with your life. I beg you, My little one, stay close to My Sacred Heart. Offer all you endure, and I want you to be aware that nothing of your suffering is in vain. It is a priceless gift to Me. My Sacred Heart burns with love for you. I experience your life-offering to Me. If only you could see in your earthly time the many souls that you have permitted Me to save- even those destined for hell. I draw them back from Hades and give them life and protection again. I tell you, be at peace.
I bless you,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

Received by Christina Gallagher
on 31st May 2016

My vessel, I desire you to give My message to the world, to believer and to non-believer.

I tell you, people of the world, look around you, see your world’s inhabitants… so many suffer in heart, mind, body and more importantly, in soul. So many deny Me without reason. Can you not recognize the signs of your earthly times? All the messages given to you over many years are like a cup filling up. The cup is nearly filled and about to overflow. When this comes about, many will be withdrawn from your world and come before Me. Many who experienced safety of the world in its fruits now experience emptiness and have little. The world’s fruits are swiftly passing : your labours should be not for the worldly fruits but for the fruits that will last forever through Me. Let your labours be fruitful in Me for your salvation.

There are many destructions coming to your world more swiftly than the wind, as My Hand draws close to the earth.* As I crush evil it turns on itself : man turns against man : child against parents, children running to and fro without a purpose.

Many things will be imposed upon you leading you more deeply into the darkness of Lucifer and his minions, catching many in its web seducing My people because so many live life only of your world’s fruits – they do not permit Me to protect them, they run from Me into the stench and darkness of Satan –Lucifer- and all his minions. My Church has permitted the darkness to enter.
(A private and serious message concerning the Church was then given to Christina.)
…..You must be alert and live My true teachings, otherwise you will be led astray.
(The private message continued.)…..confusion will spread its errors as My Mother told those of My children in Fatima.

(The secret within the message of Fatima was then revealed to Christina. Christina is fully aware of the complete secret of Fatima, including that which was hidden.) Many will choose to unite in darkness with the spirits from hell – they are busy seducing many in your world. The world has become very dark with few desiring to live lives in the light of God. My Sacred Heart bleeds and its wound opens… (Christina experienced the opened wound on the Sacred Heart.)

My mercy will soon be unwanted and disowned, just like Myself. When the world’s inhabitants deny Me in full, then you will experience My justice, but through My justice there will be great suffering.

I will come in the sky and great fire will fall upon the earth, lightning will flash throughout the sky, I shall lash out at the devil and his minions and all those that he has in his power – I shall burn them in everlasting flames.

There will be few found in the light and truth with My mercy. You My vessel have endured much and in your offerings to be united in My Sacrifice have saved many. **

Those of My people who have generously given to you and have been a means of help to you, I will raise up in the light of My mercy. The island of Achill will be untouched at that time. My Mother and many angels will stand over it and keep it protected. Death and the stench of death will be everywhere. I have told some of My chosen few what I am telling you now…To My children of Fatima I gave much detail regarding My Church, to others much about My justice. Garabandal, My chosen, has suffered unjustly but My time of justice shall put to flight the world’s powers that choose to rule over Me.

I AM and will be forever.

I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

31st May 2016


* Christina is aware at present of an earthquake coming very soon to the United States. She can hear the grinding of the earth’s plates.

** Christina, when enduring sufferings, would always say, “Receive, Lord, my offering of (whatever suffering) and I ask You to receive it through the sacrifice of Calvary that it may be purified through Your Sacrifice.”


MESSAGE to Christina Gallagher from Jesus Christ
10th May 2015

"My little one, your heart gives Me joy.

If only others were able to experience the love you bear in your heart. The generosity and love that flows from your heart is a cause of great joy to Me."
( A private message followed here.)

"Your surrender to My Will in this work has pleased Me. Due to the weight of your cross, you are so weakened you find it so difficult to continue. It takes so little to make you run back to the safe haven in Me. I have drawn much from you but I continue to thirst for souls as the raging waters draw close. Many are in great danger not just in body but, more importantly in soul. How close My Hand is to your world. How it grieves My Heart to see this, such a lack of reparation in so many souls. I have called so many times and My Beloved Mother has called Her children in so many countries throughout the world, only to be ignored.

The world will experience so much turbulence and suppression. Many will be crushed. That is the way of him who is antichrist. He roars so loudly and devours many. That is why I permit you so much suffering not because you have done anything wrong. You are more deeply united in My Heart now than ever before.

You truly bear the heart of a child: it knows no bounds in kindness and generosity, all flowing from your heart filled with love and pain. I am saving an endless number of souls in all you endure and surrender to. I desire the whole world to see your child-like heart, not the outward exterior. It gives some people an excuse only to criticise you, My little one.

The world draws close to many painful calamities. The apostasy is very close, disasters will befall many parts of the world. How your suffering has held back My Hand and saved many in your isle, but for many to no avail. The very sky will roll and fire will fall from the heavens but first I will show My Hand and allow the call of My Mother to be heard once again but just for a short time before this takes place – as a final opportunity, all through the love of My Heart.

Powers in union with antichrist, through their signatures, have left you powerless. Poverty and suppression is planned for many. The air and food are poisoned to bring about sickness pain and death for many. The unity of powers to destroy is with you now. Their blindness is great through their failure to see the greater powers at work in darkness. World War 3 is already being prepared.

My little one, you endure beyond what is desired by Me, but all I will make fruitful for souls.

My Hand… Look… see it… it is close to the world.

Your banks will be restricted and great loss will take place. I desire all to recognise the meaning of the word, “My vessel”. Its importance is that it means I can fill and empty it as I wish, in the freedom given by My little one even as she is unsure of what this can mean. How Heaven rejoices!

I desire that all become aware of the grave dangers your world is in. Its darkness is so great. The time is drawing close when My Church will be robbed of all that I give of Myself to souls. Hearts have become cold and withdrawn far from Me which will lead to the doors of many churches being closed. There will be no voice heard to uphold Truth: its silence will reach Heaven.

The wormwood will come as in an explosion of poison and bring forth death to many. Danger, danger for the world.

The people who have received great gifts through My vessel and who have rejected them will receive greater death than that of the body.

My little one, you bear many burdens. I will tell you no more tonight. I impart upon you great blessings. Father, Son and Holy Spirit."


Gift of the Petal

On Saturday July 5, 2014, as Christina led the Sorrowful Mysteries of The Holy Rosary during the Novena at Our Lady's House of Prayer in Achill, she was drawn into an experience in which she was walking on the road to Calvary behind Our Blessed Lord. There were groups of people dressed in old dark clothes accompanying and Christina could sense their intense hatred for Jesus. She wanted to do something for Jesus but was intimidated by the crowd.

Then on Calvary Christina experienced a moment where she standing by one side of the cross, her face at the level of Jesus' knees. She knew He was breathing His last. Then she could see blood spurt from the side of Jesus unto the earth. When she looked up she witnessed a great shaft of intense light which broke through the overhanging dark clouds and enveloped the Body of Jesus. (She was aware that the great darkness over Calvary was caused by the huge gathering of demons assembled in a final concerted effort to unnerve Our Lord and prevent his accomplishing the great act of Redemption.) Then Christina could hear a strong burst of rapturous joy like music carried from a distance on the wind. Although she knew it was singing, the harmony was so perfect it sounded more like music. She understood this singing was the jubilant voices of all in Heaven rejoicing in the victory of Jesus - not that they ever doubted He would triumph but it was their celebration of the accomplishment of salvation.

Then Jesus spoke to Christina and said He desired that on July 16th every conceivable space in the chapel be filled with flowers and that every petal be later preserved and encased and those enabled to obtain one would be greatly blessed. Christina understood the petal was to be carried on one's person or worn. She then saw radiant light emanating from Jesus' Heart and enveloping an abundance of flowers, making them resemble a sea of light. She was aware that there was a much greater depth to the gift which was not yet revealed to her.

On July 11th, when Christina entered the chapel to pray, she went before Our Lady's Image on the altar. The sanctuary area became surrounded with a mist. Christina could even experience the moisture from the mist as she drew her breath. The prayer she found herself offering was not of herself, but inspired, 'Holy Mother, thank you for your "yes" to God, for through your "yes" , salvation has come to the souls of all humanity. You were filled with the Holy Spirit and ever since, God has flowed His Spirit through you, permitting you to intercede and gain many and great gifts for the souls of humanity. Holy Mother, You are searching for God's lost children because you are one with the yearning of God to reunite His life in the souls of His children….'
When Christina thanked Our Lady for the gift of the Petal promised by Jesus, Our Lady who appeared to Christina as coming out of the Picture with the Roses, replied, "Blessed, indeed, are they who will be privileged to receive one of those Petals, for not only the contents of My Son's Heart but that of Mine also will be emptied upon the petals. (Christina understood that the Petal will permit in a powerful way the union in soul of The Two Hearts with the person carrying the petal.) "Is it like a relic, Holy Mother?," Christina then asked. Our Lady responded, "My daughter, this is much greater than any earthly relic. Not only My Son's Heart but My own Heart will have touched it".
On July 13, 2014, Jesus spoke to Christina, saying that those carrying a petal would be protected in body and soul in the dangerous times that are soon to be upon us: that the petals should be touched to the bodies of the sick, that those possessing a petal and who would be living at the time of the great sign that is to be given throughout the world, would be able both to see the sign with their eyes and also to experience it in their hearts: that any person privileged to obtain one of those Petals, will experience many great gifts bestowed by their means.
As Christina led the Rosary on July 25th, 2014 in Our Lady's House, she was suddenly drawn into a direct experience of Jesus who appeared before her in radiant white. Behind and above Jesus appeared the Head and Shoulders of the Heavenly Father, followed by the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Only the Heart of Jesus dripped Blood. As this happened, an angel swiftly came holding a golden cup like the upper part of a chalice and saved the dripping Blood. There was an explosion of light and Christina could see white rose petals swirling everywhere. When the petals all settled, she could see countless Holy Communion hosts coming down upon them. Our Lady could then be seen by the side of Jesus in a most loving attitude.

Finally, when this experience had ended, Christina was shown an immense gold crown which she understood to be that of Jesus. The crown, which was bathed in light, was the full width – in a circle – of the entire chapel. Christina was enlightened in knowledge that those in the chapel would be receiving the graces through the Kingship of Jesus.

Then Our Lady came exquisitely dressed in white, radiating – as always – light from Her Person through the beauty of Her garment. She wore her normal crown decorated with many coloured stones, glistening in the light. In the same knowledge Christina was led to understand that those present received many different graces signified by the many differently coloured stones of her crown.

Christina could see many angels swaying in playful movement around the bottom of Our Lady’s dress. She was given to understand that this scene revealed the close union of God and Our Blessed Mother with His people present in prayer.


Message from Jesus received by Christina on July 25, 2014 at 6.00 am.;

"My daughter, I desire you tell the people of the world, the time has come to envelop you all in the poisons prepared for you by the enemy. Get ready and arm yourselves with prayer. Pray like you have never done. Darkness spewing from the evil one is everywhere and it has reached every corner of the earth. You are being poisoned in body and soul, and spiritually blinded to block you from understanding all that is taking place throughout the world.

World leaders are preparing for World War III. Its doors will soon be opened.
The preparation for the world's financial fall is in place.
O My people, prepare yourselves for the great abomination.
There will be great suffering.
Those of My people who have done damage to My Mother's House will cry to heaven for mercy. Soon they will see their mistakes for allowing themselves to be led by the evil one. O how such deception and lies led to so many souls being lost through the great deceit!
My people, be wise and receive Truth and Wisdom which flows from My Mother's House. Woe to the one who has been so foolish!

A cancer will come on the wind and grow in My people. Its poison will kill many, many people.
The hate within the hearts of so many will grow: a craving for bloodshed and for the destruction of those of the Light will be great.

My dear daughter, be at peace. Your heart is deeply troubled. You lack understanding of what you endure. You experience in your spirit the dangers which are to happen to so many.
The weather changes will know no bounds, leading to My Hand ascending in the sky for all to see but there will be great darkness and suffering upon the earth before My Hand comes forth to separate the darkness from the light.

People, you are asleep and unaware that you are being poisoned. The air and food are full of poison. The water is reaching a level that is toxic. All is bringing about a great destruction and disease to the body of all of you throughout the world.

There is danger everywhere. Your hospitals are withdrawing their care from all of you, bringing about a great disease that will take the lives of many. Pray, pray, My people.

Those of you who are able to obtain one of My petals - blessed are they, for many will crave for its great protection through Me, your Lord God and that of My Mother's love and mercy and outpouring of grace.

Wake up, My people - too long you have been in your sleep of death!
I bless you this day brought about by the love and mercy of My Sacred Heart and that of My Mother's Heart. I bless you all and grant you great mercy on this special day. Many souls are set free from Purgatory today.

My daughter, you and My special brother Gerard, you receive My outpouring of grace, mercy and abundant blessings for the time ahead. You will be protected from the web of evil surrounding the world and holding so many in its grasp. Be at peace. You have served Me well. Remain in the light of My life for souls. Many will need your guidance that is flowing from you, My vessel.

I bless you all who are here this day so special to Me.
My Heart and the Heart of My Mother rejoice here today.
I bless you and impart My peace to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."


Message May 31st, 2014

During the Rosary at the House of Prayer.
As Christina led the Rosary she received from Jesus a very serious Message, which she related as follows: “Jesus says His Mother's House is despised and that this is a reflection of how He Himself is despised.
Jesus invites you to come here to His Mother’s House more often than you normally come, because the more often you come and help in whatever way you can, the more graces you will receive. This is because there is a situation shortly to come about in our world (Christina herself was given to feel this situation will be in place very soon).
Major countries in the world are even at this moment plotting and planning in a way that is posing danger to the whole world. You are being asked to come here more often than normal because you will need the graces which are to be obtained in this way on account of all that is coming. For example, in that way you will receive the grace of enlightenment which you will need in order to be able to deal with your situation as time progresses.

What will be brought about in the world will be a great injustice. You will feel paralysed on every side and completely oppressed. Everything will be made so difficult. The graces Jesus promises to flood you with will be all you will have, otherwise you will be drained and possibly drift into darkness and danger.
Some of you will find it very difficult to respond but when it comes about you will clearly understand. If you respond as Jesus desires He will grant these graces not only to you personally but to countless others through your response.”

(Christina said she was withholding details conveyed by Jesus regarding the countries and individuals He mentioned to her but she would convey those to her Spiritual Director – as she always did – for his discretion.)


Message from Jesus to Christina
21st April 2014 (Easter Monday)

"I want you to guide My people in the message I give you. Your part is only to relate what I tell you: do not be troubled by those who choose not to hear or respond to it. My justice will take care of those who are in rebellion to truth and who choose to live in the desire of the flesh and its fulfilment. Foolish are those who follow the path of darkness and folly.
My daughter, you must be taken care of and respected. There are those who chose to follow their own guidance rather than what I give you. You are the vessel that I have chosen to be filled with My guidance for My people – the people for whom I shed My Blood in order to set them free from death. With deep love I surrendered unto death. How few there are to thank Me! So many surrender to the path of darkness and reject Me and My Law. Woe to him who searches the world for sensation on many paths and leads many souls to perdition.
But soon there will be a war to spread throughout the world and My Law will be despised and My Church trampled upon.
Pray for My people… I thirst for their souls.
Pray for the leaders of My Church and all who lead My flock and all leaders who make decisions in the world. So many are blind in their decisions and like Simon, “the reed”, they blow with the wind of popularity, not aware of its consequences.
When the sky will darken and will not resume its day, fear will fill many hearts. The earth will shake and great balls of fire will fall from the sky. Then I will reveal Myself and call upon the faithless one who went along with darkness, in the evil one. The Angel of My justice will strike and there will be cries and great sorrow that so many had a heart open to the flesh and to the world, allowing Lucifer to plunder the souls of many.
My daughter, many will desire to find fault with this message, but not for long… How so many souls I desired to draw into My Life were not permitted to see and recognise My Hand in My Mother’s House! How all this darkness in suppression and rejection of My Word has caused it to fall on deaf ears and has permitted the loss of many souls for whom I, Jesus, have yearned. And all this flamed by ill will and pride, led by a stubborn heart unopen to Me.
My daughter, you will experience the lack of trust and love and you will experience loneliness. Your heart has been breaking in this way already but it will get more painful. Offer it to Me and pray for those who bring it about.
Tell My people that they will be rewarded for all they do. My vessel, I know they do not understand how important your little life is to Me for their sake. Tell My son Gerard, this Mission is the greatest work he will ever do for Me.
My people, I tell you it is so important for as many of you as possible to have the picture of My Mother known as “the picture with the roses” because of its protection. Anyone of you able to obtain a picture for others will be doing a great good and I ask My children throughout the world to do as My children have done in the Americas – to get that special picture and bring it around as many areas as possible that are highly populated, continuing to pray the Rosary while doing so. My daughter, forgive and pray for your enemy. Do it for Me and show your love for Me by doing so.
I bless you in My Name forever; In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

NOTE: Christina and her spiritual director stress the following : Please do not force this message or its contents on any person. That includes not imposing the picture of Our Lady with the Roses on anyone without it being requested. It should not be publicly carried around walking and praying publicly. Our Lord referred to what His children had done in the Americas: they drove around the district with the picture in the car praying the Rosary respectfully and privately among themselves in their car unknown to anyone else.


January 21st, 2014
Jesus spoke to Christina:

"My dear little one, I have drawn much from you. My Sacred Heart hurts to see that you are rejected, and treated in the most horrible way, as if you were a low life. My people, I say to you, hear Me your Lord God and respond before it is too late. Pray, Pray! Soon, all of you will see for yourselves the reality of My calling, and the value of My vessel.
My vessel, in your world, several evil plans are being put in place to bring about the suppression of many people. Money will be worthless. You will endure deep hurt, as your money will be drawn away from you, but all for the wrong reasons and you will not be able to refuse.
There will be trials and more trials, and those of you, My people who withstood the picture of My Mother in your homes, truly leave yourselves open to an even greater suffering. Surrender now, for I will not plead in My Mercy with you again.
There has been much taken in many ways from this mission, through the inspiration of the evil one. That is why there is more suffering than I desire, because they have opened the doors to darkness not only of their hearts, but of all I have asked for your protection. My dear vessel, how you have suffered, even to such a degree as to grieve My own Heart. I will show My people all of the ways they have rejected My word when they come before Me. I will withdraw from such persons who dare mock Me and My Word. Mercy will be withdrawn.
I love all My people. I gave My life for each one. For those who are cold and lack knowledge of Me and My word, I will have greater mercy than for those who are lukewarm and full of doubt, failing to hear Me and fulfil My request for the souls for whom I thirst for eternity. It is denied them. How can I lavish on such people My mercy and protection, when they only mock Me, their Lord, who gave Life for all?
I have told you of the many events coming to the world which are beyond man’s ability to solve. All is like a boiling volcano, ready to burst. Can you not recognise the signs of your times? I have made known to you what is at hand. But My word is like the seeds that fell among the rocks, they are unable to grow. You are rich soil if you choose, and you can bear good fruit. But in your rejection, you bear no fruit to fulfil My word and respond. You will hurt, but your hurt is My permitting you to be moulded.
The glaciers, the disasters and the diseases I have told you about, are upon you. Be bearers, to say without fear, the Lord is near! Be at peace, my peace I give you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”


Message received
by Christina Gallagher from Jesus
for July 16th & July 25th 2013

I desire you open your hearts to Me who am Truth. If you can do this, you will know truth and you will want to live truth and live by My laws.

There are some of you here today who do not want to open your hearts but you desire to make your own false judgement of Me and of My vessel (Jesus uses the word ‘vessel’ to refer to Christina) whom I have chosen for your sake. So many have great disrespect for her and condemn her just as the sinners condemned Me.

If you could only realise the road and the life I have chosen for my vessel, you would not make the same condemnation of her as was made of Me: you would pray much for her to fulfill this mission I have given her – which is all for you’re your benefit.

I want you, through an open heart, to receive My truth and live it. The day is fast approaching when you will need My wisdom and guidance through My vessel.

Today there are some of you here whose ears are closed to truth. I say to you, My people how long are you going to reject My laws? My law is the same law as that of God My Father.

Many of you endure the cross. I tell you, come to Me you who labour and I will give you rest but first you must believe in Me and trust Me. I call you “My people” because I gave My Life for you. My Sacred Heart yearns for you to find My Life once again and let your soul be aflame with love and life. There you will find peace and healing of heart – without that, you have nothing.

My Mother’s House is a house of prayer, called for by Me but through My Mother. Some of you will witness great signs at this House. It will be protected from the onslaught of evil. Soldiers will arrive on your island of Ireland and devour many. They will kill and suppress many people. Those soldiers will be people who do not know Me: their hearts are full of hate and their minds think only of murder. Prepare yourselves now and listen to the guidance I give you through this vessel I have chosen for your times. Protect her and respect her. Let your tongue not condemn you for the evil words you speak about her which you know are untrue.

Your country made its choice for gain and made welcome what will destroy your country and many people. Do not make the same mistake again.

I want you to look around you. See all that My Mother called you to as She begged your response over these many years – only to be ignored by many. So many of you kept running around to find what others had to say while all the time your hearts were closed in response to My Mother but mostly open to the evil attacks. If you possessed My wisdom. You would know and live truth.

On this special day which is marked in Heaven, listen and respond.

Those of you who have helped this work and My dear vessel, I will welcome you in My Father’s House. You will have the grace of repentance before death. As your soul departs from your body, it will be led into the atriums of Eternity in Life with Me.

There are many bad things coming to your world very soon. I tell you, prepare now. Open your hearts, starting today. Reject the temptation that will try very hard to seduce you and try to convince you of this Work not being of Me. Denounce what you hear and know is wrong. Offer it to Me and pray. Soon the temptress of all lies will be bound and cast into her rightful place* It is I who broke the chains of death that held humanity bound. I set all free and gave life unto all. It is your choice to live in that life or die in darkness and evil.

Today I bless each one of you, believer and unbeliever alike who is here on this special day. I present it with affection to My Mother who loves you, Her children. She prays for you and intercedes for you all the time because Her love is pure. Take heart, My people, on this special day. Decide to change your life for truth. Turn away from darkness and death. Listen to My guidance and treasure My vessel and My brother who has been chosen to be by her side all these years.

My people, I leave you My blessings and many graces to help you decide.

There are many angels and saints united with My Mother with you here today. Rejoice and let your hearts be full of grace and joy to make them welcome.

I bless you in the graces of the Godhead, through My Heart, full of Mercy,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

* The temptress is a form taken by the devil and mentioned in chapters 17 and 18 of the book of REVELATION.


MESSAGE to Christina Gallagher
from Jesus Christ
26th January 2013

Jesus spoke to Christina Gallagher
The following message was received by Christina Gallagher on 26th January 2013 and was read out at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill on Saturday 9th February to the people attending the Novena in honour of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Jesus spoke to Christina;
“My little one, how My Sacred Heart yearns to console you and to fill you with peace.

I desire that you give My message to the world for its guidance because the world’s inhabitants have much to endure. My hand is close, very close to the world in My justice. There are many in your world who plot for its disaster. The poor will be crushed beyond your imagination.

The pope’s life is in great danger from some, even those close to him. Many within My Church do not listen to him or follow what he says to them anymore. There are many cardinals and bishops who do as they desire, not My Will. The priests are lost for guidance and many stray into godless situations where I am pushed aside. I am Jesus their Lord and I thirst for them to fulfil their calling and the union of My priesthood. How I lovingly gave My life for all and they repay Me with constant disrespect and ridicule through sin which draws down upon your world My justice in purification. Because Truth is not lived or propagated, many are led to sin and so My justice must come to your world. You, my people draw this upon yourselves from My Father.

My little one, be alert because there are many around you that cannot be trusted. There are many who smile to your face but mock and criticise you when you turn away. I do not want such behaviour from those who should make you welcome because you bear My word in truth. They will truly enter My justice. O how I have given to them My mercy many times. My Mother sorrows for Her children who do not want to know Her or listen to the truth of Her messages and call throughout the world for the saving of their souls. My little one, I am sad and I sorrow about those who were in charge of bringing about the House you are in for your protection. Its destruction came about through some who were nonbelievers in Truth or in Me. If people had prayed for My Wisdom, they would have known and responded as they should and all would be protected but this was not done and it leaves you insecure and unable to do My work in the manner I desire.

I, too, had no place to lay My head. I went from place to place to fulfil My Father’s work and Will but you must be still and protected to give to the world My guidance in the times that are very close at hand. My dear vessel, I fill you with the guidance and wisdom to lead all who believe in Me. There are many distractions but there are also a few people with ways and means to distribute My message and that of My Mother to the world but their hearts are closed to you and they blot out My Truth. They choose to respond to places of their own desire and do not search for proof of the Truth. In this work how I have left so much proof! I have given much truth of what is to come to the world as My Mother has given much that has been fulfilled but those who have the ability to make it known to the world have reneged to do so. This is because their hearts were opened not to Light or Truth but only to lies and the deception of the evil one who desires to poison and destroy all.

My vessel, I am grieved for those who have taken from what was meant to protect you from the very start until now. They will have much to regret and lament when they are drawn into My justice.

My vessel, I want to give you a message for the world.

There will be uprisings and wars in many places. The unrest will lead to rebellion and murder. This was made known in My Mother’s message in the time of the Maastricht treaty. You, My people have had closed hearts and ears that did not want to hear. Your hearts and ears were only open to what you could gain, to greed and the fruits of the world. Now you can see what it led you to. The evil one has made many hearts closed to truth by his poison propagated through its box found in most homes. My people are open to believe almost all of its poison. Many of you believe all that you read in negativity when it would be better for you to be in prayer and not involved in such things.

The unity of the EU is not of Me and will bring only disaster to your world. Christianity will be destroyed through its plan to have a ‘Church’ that is not of Me. O My vessel, if only those who are the leaders of My Church would speak out and respond and live the truth, they would be prepared and able to lead My people.

The banks are prepared: in their dealing they will draw from My people their worldly security, leaving many helpless. The poor will be trampled upon. Many will die. Your isle will have abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage – all of which grieves My Sacred Heart.

The EU is receiving dictatorship from other countries. Many are unaware of the Red Serpent raising itself up as it manipulates other countries deceiving many such as the Americas, Russia and Europe. At present Russia is united with China but only for a short time.

There are many extreme dangers to your world. Another danger is from a comet on its way to your world and this imposes an even greater danger because of the great quantity of nuclear weapons.

There will be world-wide cutbacks in all forms of protection for My people’s wellbeing in society. The sick will be left without any care and the intent of this plan is that many will die.

The time has come for the scattering of those leading within My Church and the wheat will be separated from the chaff. At present they have a feeling of worldly security within My Church but the time is near when they will be stripped of the authority and security they now have. Then they will enter My justice much sooner than they think.

The world will endure many diseases and plagues – diseases that will be man-made. There will be hunger pangs and cries from many. There will be great destruction of your world as you now know it through the many calamities that are about to befall it. The weather changes you have already been warned about, are with you but these changes will become much greater and bring about much hardship and pain. The flooding will become much more intense and there will be tsunamis that will destroy many properties close to coastal areas in parts of the world.

My vessel, there are some people who have stolen even the messages you have received and twisted them to suit themselves. They have all but taken your identity. Some have stolen from you even your protection but My all-seeing eye sees everything.

There will be a rebellion against the English monarchy due to people’s lack of the means of survival.

The world will be taken over by a two-sided serpent. Two powers will reign and then one will conquer the other. Finally it will be the Red Serpent (China) that will rule the world and spread its powers.

I bless you in My Father, through Me His Son Jesus in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”


Release of Messages from Jesus
received by Christina Gallagher

The Release of Messages received by
Christina Gallagher prior to and during her visit to the Chain Houses of Prayer in the US, October 2012.

Jesus spoke to Christina;

“My little one, you are the vessel chosen to bring this mission to the fulfilment of fruitfulness. This vessel is to be the means of My guidance of you, My people in the darkened days of My justice.

My Mother cries tears of blood throughout the world in the hope that the hearts of Her children may respond. The world has little time to prepare for what it is about to endure.

There will be earthquakes, drought, diseases and hunger in the Americas and throughout the world. Listen, My people, hear and respond as I have called you for even worse turmoil is on its way. The locusts will come and devour you while you are spiritually asleep. You will ask how and why this could happen. You will know the reason why it happens – because I have called you but you have remained deaf. My people I have called you but many of you do not want to know Me.

The time of My justice is here. Part of My justice is upon you now. The rocks from the glaciers will hit you but you will fail to understand what is happening. The earth’s plasma is boiling up, beyond your understanding.
(We were at a loss to understand this use of the word ‘plasma’. We checked it out and discovered it is a gas in the atmosphere containing an electric charge. As this message was being read to the people at the House of Prayer in Minnesota on October 5th, a man present stood up unexpectedly and explained how a ‘plasma’ storm had taken place in Minnesota in 1936. It sucked the very soil of the earth into the atmosphere, he related.)

I desire that you read this message to My people of the Americas and the world, that they may hear the call of Eternity for the time is short for mankind – that they may hear this call and understand through My Spirit My love, loyalty and mercy to them. I desire My people of the Americas and the world to listen and hear the truth. I, the Lord who loves you and who gave My life for you, desire that you receive My love and mercy before it is too late. The word ‘late’ means ‘now’. The Lord your God says to you the word is ‘NOW’. Listen and hear. I love you. Respond.

My daughter, I do not want you to fear the evil upon the world. I want you to be aware more deeply of the afflictions of those who do not desire to respond.

The world is in its decline to such a degree it is beyond human understanding. Respond now because there will not be the time.

When you meet the people of the Americas tell them how I desire their response. You are My mouthpiece, you are My instrument, Christina. You have been My instrument all these years and that of My Mother, but always in My Spirit. I love you and I desire that you fulfil My Will not only in your isle but in the Americas and throughout the world. If they could only listen, understand and respond!

My Mother has come to the people of the Americas
(Christina was made aware that Jesus was referring to Our Lady of Guadalupe. She was further made aware as Jesus spoke that on the occasion of Her apparitions at Guadalupe, Our Lady had worn symbols on Her garments through which people of other religions could recognise Her as Mother of God.) pleading for mercy for Her children but I am Jesus, the Lord and God and many have rejected Me and My Mother for so long.

The ‘illumination’ and the third world war will soon be upon you. The choice will be yours. Many, many sufferings will be upon you through My justice- hunger, plague, disease and great calamities- but those who desire to conquer will live by the Word of God. Those who will die permanently will be those who will reject the Word of God. I am He who is and will be forever, Jesus your Lord and God who redeemed all. My mercy I desire to prevail and reign with all My people for eternity.

Although My Mother is denied the privileges given Her by God and is so rejected in all that She stands for of Truth, all that belongs to Her will be upheld in shining armour through My Sacred Heart. Mercy will be shown unto the world through Her because I have given unto Her the unity of My Heart. The unity of My Sacred Heart will shine through Hers and through the unity of Our United Hearts, My Mercy will flow unto the world, but justice will also reign. The justice will be enormous and painful… My justice so many have drawn upon themselves through sin… It will come upon them like a darkened night. My dearest children, you who have responded to live by My Word, do not be sad or frightened. You will be in the light and safety of My Mother’s Heart when this takes place throughout the world. I tell you the entire world will experience the darkened night which will last for a number of nights.

Where you will not have the Blood –My Blood- that will protect you, I desire you to have the shining armour of Love that I have asked for through My Mother- I mean the picture of My Mother with the Roses- because through the gift of that picture every such household will have safety and protection for all that reside therein. Death will pass over every house where the Holy Rosary is prayed and this image is depicted. Mock it now but when you witness the Truth being fulfilled you will cry out for it but it will not be available to you. Many will be like the foolish virgins risking My Life in their soul.

(Christina’s spiritual director observes as follows;

In explaining the protection granted by God through the prayer of the Holy Rosary united with the veneration of His Mother as depicted in this image, Jesus expresses the Church’s teaching on the nature of a sacramental and at the same time draws an exact analogy from Scripture for the promise attaching to the prayer and picture. Speaking of sacramentals, the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, “for the well-disposed members of the faithful, …sacramentals sanctify… with the divine grace which flows from the Paschal mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. From this source all sacraments and sacramentals draw their power.” It is the merit of Jesus which is the source of the grace and protection. Hence, Jesus says “Where you will not have the Blood –My Blood- …” So we have to understand that ultimately it is from the Paschal mystery of Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection that all grace flows, though it be conferred through a sacramental.

A very helpful teaching on how we should understand the Scriptural image used by Jesus for this great promise is cited by the Church in the Divine Office of Good Friday (taken from the Instructions of St. John Chrysostom to Catechumens). It runs,

“…Do you wish to know the power of Christ’s Blood? Let us go back to the ancient accounts of what took place in Egypt, where Christ’s Blood is foreshadowed. Moses said: ‘Sacrifice a lamb without blemish and smear the doors with its blood’ What does this mean? Can the blood of a sheep without reason save man who is endowed with reason? Yes, Moses replies, not because it is blood but because it is a figure of the Lord’s Blood. So today if the devil sees, not the blood of the figure smeared on the doorposts, but the reality smeared on the lips of the faithful, which are the doors of the temple of Christ, with all the more reason will he draw back.”)

Sin is multiplying faster than wild weed as I told you, My daughter, many years ago how fast sin would multiply. Now you see it… anger in the hearts of everyone, the need to destroy, murder, maim – there is no limit. There is so much desire for murder and bloodshed in so many hearts, beyond your understanding. I have told you much of this before.

The hemisphere will be darkened and I will come forth in the Light of My Father’s love and mercy but sadly only to bring justice for those who disobey My Law. Time is very short. My people, how can I make you understand the importance of My servant, for your sake, in My call through her to you? I have so often called for her protection for she is the vessel that I will fill with My mercy in calling you before it becomes the time of My justice. My people, if only you could realise the enormity of the need you have for this vessel you would be alert to protect it with everything in you – but you do not. You fail to recognise truth.

I am the Lord your God, the Alpha and Omega, now and forever.

My daughter, I tell you those in My Church who desire to remain in darkness will be drawn into My justice. My daughter, be not afraid to reveal what I tell you. Make it known to the world. That darkness has festered for many years and has caused Me to weep tears of blood for the many, many souls lost in its path. The purification of My Church will be greater than the purification of the world.

My dear little one, I want you to be always conscious that I am He who is, was and will be forever and all things are possible when, with an open heart, you permit Me to act. How I love you and in My love, how My Father cherishes you. My Spirit will forever fill you with Light and Life but you must be always prudent where your enemy is concerned. He is everywhere to bring you down and to bring down Truth.

I say to you My people, you have no perception of the enormity of this mission’s importance but I tell you wake up and respond more vigorously than ever before. Cast from you all fear because when the calamities come upon the Church and the world, you will be brought into a perfection of My love and into a perfection of My life. You lack courage and confidence and the will to fulfil My mission. Take courage from Me. I am He who will be forever.

There are many voices echoing that the end of the year will be the end of the world.
(This message was received in September 2012 and read at that time in the House of Prayer in Achill. It was read in the Chain Houses in the US in the month of October.) It is My Father’s Will and timing that will dictate the end of the world, not man. Time has its sequence and through Me, His Son Jesus all things will be brought about by My Father. Yes, there will be many calamities from earthquakes and tsunamis to volcanoes and twisters, hunger and strife among many. The lightning I once told you about to be “low and dangerous” is now in your world. Pray, pray for My wisdom and grace.

Past this year of 2012, many calamities and much desecration will occur. All things will be reduced to nothing. You will see the depth of hell and he who is anti of Christ reign upon earth. Do not weaken. Be strong.

My beloved people of the Americas, you will be denied your basic needs- something which you have endured already but it will be increased many fold. I want you to know that it is not My desire that you suffer in this way. Many will be treated in a manner beneath their humanity. Those who are in the unity of anti-Christ will flourish and those of you who believe in Me will be detested. Calamity after calamity will befall you, My dear people of the Americas and My people throughout the world. How it grieves My Sacred Heart!

My Church will be brought down as swiftly as night turns to day and those therein will not understand what has happened to them. There are those within My Church who place themselves in such a position as if they were Me. They make judgements and use their authority to bring about what is not of Me. I say “woe” to such a one for I will bring him down. He will have much to endure in My justice for the lies and deception that have been propagated against truth and against My work. Only when he is brought to his knees will he recognise he is not Me, but My servant, and a poor one at that. Such as these do not bring souls to Me: they bring Me nothing but shame. Their belief is non-existent. It is as if they serve another god, but not Me.

My daughter, you proclaim what I tell you. Have no fear.

Gerard, I recognise your suffering for the sake of your brethren united in My priesthood. Be at peace.”


Message received from Jesus by Christina Gallagher
on January 5th, 2013.

“O you foolish men, o you foolish men, can you not see all I have told you being fulfilled?

The more I withdraw My arm from the world, the more you will witness the calamities increase. Soon the Catholic Church will endure severely its birthpangs and with it all who teach and preach My Word.

The man of the Red Serpent will rise up and crush many. There is much evil already planned to come through China, Russia, the United States and the heads of some European countries. This will bring about great devastation and pain beyond your ability to understand or imagine. Pray, pray for yourselves.

(Jesus then explained in a private message the deep endurance of suffering which has been inflicted upon Christina and her spiritual director, especially by the deceptive activity of others)

I, the Lord am permitting this great suffering as I draw everything from you for the souls of mankind for the times ahead. Do not question the many trials you endure. Thank Me and pray for the ability to unite in My wisdom and recognise the enormity that I draw from you. I want you to know and take to heart that the more I permit you to suffer, the more I love you and the more you become one in My life.

The more My Hand withdraws from the world, the more you will see calamities increase and the more all people will recognise what I have told you. I want you to be at peace and know that I am with you so that when trouble encroaches upon you, you will not doubt that I am with you and that I am merely drawing from you the fullness of what you have endured in union with all the little suffering souls throughout the world. This I do through My mercy, love and thirst for all souls.

My people, listen and hear. Through My messenger I will guide you in the times that are now upon you and in the time to come. Otherwise you will drift into darkness where only confusion reigns. The deeper you drift into darkness, the greater is the danger to your soul and body.

Be at peace. My peace I give to you, Father Son and Holy Spirit.”


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2017 - Sept 22nd
Jesus speaks to Christina Gallagher
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Jesus spoke to Christina Gallagher


2012 - October
Release of Messages from Jesus
received by Christina Gallagher

prior to and during her visit to the Chain Houses of Prayer in the US

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