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"Matrix Medal truly is a miraculous medal" testimony by Vas and Raj of Peabody MA. USA

Christina Gallagher, Matrix Medal, House of Prayer AchillThe Matrix medal

"I received the Matrix Medal from my chapel in Peabody, MA in July 2012. This is truly a miraculous medal.

I wanted to apply for US VISA extension for my son to stay in US. A lot of suggestions and rules from the lawyers office regarding the VISA regulations confused me and my family a lot. In fact we were going through a state of dilemma.

Anxiety regarding what is going to happen in the future and the most important question mark, whether the family will stay together. If my son's VISA is not approved, I and my other children would have to leave USA and my husband has to continue working alone in the US. This means at least for 3 years we have to be separeated. Being so worried and upset at the thought of separating away from my husband and the children away from their father. Not knowing what to do and I noticed the Matrix Medal which I got from the church. Since there was no other solution to my problem and I vaguely looked at the Matrix medal and challenged it saying "If you are true, get the VISA for my son" and I took the Matrix medal and put it in the passport and placed it in a bag and closed it. Finally the day came to meet the Visa officers to my surprise they approved the visa without any hassle. The officers were very helpful and considerate.

Without Matrix Medal this family wont be together today and my son would not be going to college this spring Jan 2013.

Thank you GOD and Lord Jesus and Mother Mary and sister, Christina Gallagher

Vasu and Raj

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