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Christina Gallagher, Matrix Medal, our lady queen of peace, house of prayer achill, fr mcginnity, christina gallagher REMARKABLE


Regarding the

Matrix Medal


The following two testimonies relate to an occurrence which defies human explanation. The occurrence took place in answer to the use of the Matrix Medal accompanied by prayer to Our Lady Queen of Peace. The first testimony is from the lady who used the Matrix Medal and the second testimony is from the member of the sub-aqua team of divers searching the river Barrow who found the Matrix Medal and beside it the body of the drowned woman who for 6 weeks previously could not be discovered- even by divers or helicopter! Despite the most impossible human odds -during the worst flooding of this winter's storm- the little Matrix Medal travelled twelve miles, through locks and weirs and over flooded river-banks, and rested beside the lost body which for 5 to 6 weeks had eluded every search!

"On January 31st this year, as I attended a Christening ceremony I was informed that my sister had gone into the river and the helicopter was already out looking for her. If she hadn't left her bag on the bank we would never have known where she was or what had happened to her; she had been suffering from depression for twenty years. I knew immediately that my sister was dead. I rang Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer and asked that prayers be offered there for her. I was especially thinking of prayers for her soul but also that her body be found. Eileen at Our Lady's House suggested I pray through Our Lady Queen of Peace and that I throw the Matrix Medal into the water at the spot where my sister entered the river. I did this. Another day I placed a Matrix Medal in a black soft pouch I had in the house and brought it with me to the river. I threw the pouch containing the Matrix Medal into the river at the spot where my sister had entered the water. My sister's husband saw me throw it in. Later I was to find out that the diver who found the body twelve miles downstream found beside it the pouch with the Matrix Medal I had thrown in! "

(Names, addresses and full details
at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer.)

Testimony of sub-aqua diver who found the body;

"We went into the river which was in flood looking for the missing woman at the spot where it was said she entered the water. Searching along the river-bed we found some objects as we normally do and put them in our belts, but no sign of the missing woman. When we surfaced we checked our belts to see what we had found. Taking out the little black pouch which I found stuck in the muck on the river bed, I squeezed all the water out of it and cleared the muck off it and looking inside I discovered this little silver medal saying to myself, 'A family member must have put it there…'

I replaced the medal in the pouch and returned the pouch to the river in respect. Next morning around 12 o'clock, roughly ten to twelve miles down-river, we were searching for another man who had gone missing when I noticed a little black pouch in the river similar to the one I had in my hand the previous day ten to twelve miles away. I said to myself,

'There must be hundreds of these pouches in the river because the one I had in my hand the previous day would have to negotiate lots of rough water to get here such as weirs, waterfalls, canals, locks, flooded fields, and debris from the swollen river.'

I asked one of the men with me in the boat to flip the pouch up to me with his oar. I held it out. Then I decided to throw it back into the river and watched it head on down the river to lock-gates and roughly one hour later the body of the deceased woman was found beside the pouch. This time I took the pouch with me. Two days later I was at the funeral of the deceased woman and I was speaking to a good friend of the deceased woman's husband and I mentioned to her in conversation about all the pouches in the river. I showed her the one I got beside the remains in the river and she broke down and cried. She said,

'There was only one pouch in the river like the one I was holding with the medal inside. It was put in by the deceased girl's sister witnessed by her brother-in-law, the deceased woman's husband.'

On reflection… remarkable is the journey of the medal down a flooded river with all the obstacles you can imagine arriving at its destination beside the remains of the deceased. Also remarkable is the fact that the remains, which were in the river for around six weeks, were in good condition.

And that's my testimony about the little pouch and the silver medal."

(Member of local Sub Aqua Club)

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr Gerard McGinnity, christina gallagher
The Matrix Medal

A Special Day of Prayer will be held at
Our Lady Queen of Peace
House of Prayer in Achill
for the victims of suicide and their families
on Saturday 10th May 2014

All material on this website is ©Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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