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christina gallagher, our lady queen of peace, house of prayer achill, fr gerard mcginnity

Josie Butler and her sister Mary gave witness to their testimony of healing, through the Our Lady's Matrix Medal and the Holy Water of Achill, to the public gathered at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer .

In October 2011 Josie Butler and her sister Mary gave public witness at the House of Prayer in Achill to their testimony of healing.

I first travelled with my husband and five children to visit Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer, Achill on Tuesday, August 23, 1994. We arrived at the House of Prayer around 5.00pm. The first thing that struck me was the great sense of peace I felt while we prayed there. We returned later on for night prayers and as we left for home the next day, we felt a great longing to return. Since then, I have travelled many times by coach and car to Our Lady's House. Eventually, I became a coach organiser. I am very grateful to Our Blessed Lady for all that I have received and witnessed at the House of Prayer.

One great gift was when at 5.00am on February 20, 1995, my sister Mary was taken to Our Lady's Hospital Cashel Co. Tipperary, suffering from severe gastroenteritis. Shortly after arriving, her blood pressure dropped dangerously low and she fell into a coma. The doctor said that she was very dehydrated and told her husband that she was very sick and that she might not survive. Later that morning, her condition deteriorated, the priest was called and he anointed her. She remained in a coma. I rang the hospital around 1.30pm and spoke with a nurse, who told me that they were transferring her fifteen miles away to St. Joseph's Hospital, Clonmel. The nurse said that she was very sorry but she didn't expect her to survive the journey. I went straight to St. Joseph's Hospital where Mary was in the intensive care unit, still in a coma. The consultant and his team could get no response from her and were discussing sending her to the Regional Hospital in Cork. After they left the ward I went in and I pinned a Matrix Medal on to her clothes. I then made the sign of the cross on her with Holy Water from the font at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer and

I also sprinkled some on her face and neck. She immediately opened her eyes and spoke to me. She later told me that she felt as if she was very far away and was being washed in a lovely cool stream. She felt peace within her. The doctors were puzzled at her sudden recovery. Over the next couple of weeks they carried out various tests including two brain scans, which were carried out in the Regional Hospital Cork, and Ardkeen General Hospital Waterford but thankfully they all returned norm a l and she suffered no long-term ill effects. She was discharged on March 16,1995, the doctors said she was very lucky to be alive but Mary knows that it wasn't luck that brought her out of the coma but Our Lady Queen of Peace. Not a day goes by without her thanking Our Blessed Lady for the gift of life, which was given back to her.

I remember July 16, 1999 - the happiest day of my life, when all present on that day at Our Lady's House received the gift of the Seal of the Living God. In the evening, Christina Gallagher and her spiritual director Fr Mc Ginnity came out to tell all those waiting outside what the gift of the Seal meant and what Christina had experienced during the Apparition earlier in the day. This apparition was witnessed by many priests and lay people inside the house. I felt my heart fill with a great joy and a sense of peace, and I thanked God from the bottom of my heart. There was a great happiness and peace among the pilgrims as we travelled home that evening.

Another very important date was Saturday, March 13,2004 when I travelled by car with my husband, our daughter and my sister, Ann (RIP) to visit Our Lady's House of Prayer. Although I had a coach organised for March 20, 2004, I decided to bring Ann on March 13, as she was going to hospital for cancer treatment the following week. After the prayers, while we waited outside to meet Christina Gallagher, some people around us were looking at the sun and seemed very excited about what they saw. At first I ignored them and decided not to look, but my husband called me to look and to see what was happening. I saw the Host in the sun and it was pulsating - just like a heartbeat. As I gazed at the sun I felt a great love and an awareness of our need for the Blessed Eucharist. I realised that the earth could not survive without the sun and likewise, mankind cannot survive without the Eucharist.

On another occasion, March 25, 2006 I went with my sister Ann to visit Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer. By this time the cancer had returned on her liver. She met Christina who spoke and prayed with her. Afterwards, Ann said that Christina told her that “we all have to go home sometime” she found these words very consoling it sounded so natural that after all, when we die, we are going home to God. Afterwards, I noticed Ann was very resigned and didn't have any fear of dying. God called her home on November 6, 2006 and everyone who had met her were completely taken by her cheerfulness and peace as she prepared to leave this world. The nursing staff said that she never complained and was very grateful for the care they gave her. She often thanked Our Lady Queen of Peace for giving her the gift of acceptance and resignation, which she received through Christina's intercession with Our Holy Mother.

As I continue to travel on Saturdays for the Special Novena which Our Blessed Lady requested, I have been enlightened by Fr Mc Ginnity's meditations and spiritual readings. As we travel home on the coach, we are all aware that, through his great love for and closeness to Our Blessed Mother and Her Divine Son Jesus, he has brought us all much closer to Them. We are truly inspired by Christina Gallagher's strength and courage as she proclaims God's truth in the Catholic Church. She has taught us how to pray the rosary as Our Blessed Lady requested. We are really privileged to be present on occasions when Our Lady has appeared to Christina. We are all very much aware of our own unworthiness and yet eternally grateful for all that Our Lady had told us through her messenger - Christina Gallagher. We can never thank God and His Blessed Mother enough for the great gift of the House of Prayer, and for giving us Christina Gallagher and Fr Mc Ginnity to help us all live the Commandments of God.

Josie Butler, Co. Tipperary

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I sprinkled some Achill holy water on her fae and she immediately opened her eyes and spoke to me
In October 2011 Josie Butler and her sister Mary gave public witness at the House of Prayer in Achil to their testimony of healing.

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